The General in Chief of the Liberation Army of the South: Emiliano Zapata ( original Zapatista manifesto in nahuatl) TO THE PEOPLE OF. Lacondon Jungle December 31, TODAY WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO: MEXICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation often referred to as the Zapatistas [ sapaˈtistas], is a far-left libertarian-socialist political and militant group that controls.

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By being born and living we die. Ignoring Article 39 of the Constitution which it swore to uphold on December 1,the supreme government reduced the Mexican Federal Army to the role of an army of occupation. A political force which struggles against the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and against the centralization of power. Although Fox had stated earlier that he could end the conflict “in fifteen minutes”, [21] the EZLN rejected watered-down agreements and created 32 “autonomous municipalities ” in Chiapas, thus partially implementing their demands without government support but with some funding from international organizations.

We do not need permission in order to be free. These political crimes have no solution because they are committed by those who are supposed to prosecute; the economic crisis makes corruption even more prevalent in government spheres. Our struggle is for fair and dignified work and the bad government buys and sells bodies and shames. The guerrillas enjoyed brief success, but Mexican army forces counterattacked the next day, and fierce fighting broke out in and around the market of Ocosingo.

The following days were marked by violence, with some arrests, over 30 rape and sexual abuse accusations against the police, five deportations, and one casualty, a year-old boy named Javier Cortes shot by a policeman.

Manu Chao Manifiesto Zapatista – Sub. English | Readable

The indigenous Mexicans, the ones always forced to listen, to obey, to accept, to resign themselves, took the word and spoke the wisdomwhich is in their walk. We make true words. Therefore we ask for your participation, rn decision to support this plan that struggles for work, land, housing, food, health care, education, independence, freedom, democracy, justice and peace. While the legal opposition dedicated itself to find the center ,anifiesto a dying nation, large sectors of the population increased their skepticism towards political parties and searched, without finding it still, for an option for new political work, zapatidta political organization of a new kind.


The Zapatistas’ main body is made up of mostly rural indigenous peoplebut it includes some supporters in urban areas and internationally. According to this Declaration of War, we ask that other powers of the nation advocate to restore the legitimacy and the stability of the nation by overthrowing the dictator.

Retrieved May 30, On the one hand, the national project of the Powerful, a project which entails the total destruction of the Mexican nation; the negation of its history; the sale of its sovereignty; treachery and crime as supreme values; hypocrisy and deceit as a method of government; destabilization and insecurity as a national program; repression and intolerance as a plan for economic development.

Ancestral domain Free, prior and enn consent Intellectual property Land rights Language Self-determination in Australia in Canada in the United States Traditional knowledge ecological medical Treaty rights. Zapata is alive, and in spite of everything, the struggle continues. To the Maniiesto of Mexico: A year-old UNAM economics student, Alexis Benhumea, died on the morning of June 7,after being in a coma caused by a blow to the head from a tear-gas grenade launched by police.

The Zapatista forces took heavy casualties and retreated from the city into the surrounding jungle.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Long live Enough is Enough!



One of the laws was the Women’s Revolutionary Law[36] which states:. The positions of Subcomandante Marcos add a Marxist [35] element zapatsita the movement. The Zapatistas retained some of the land for a little over a year, but in February the Mexican army overran that territory in a surprise breach of ceasefire.

A new political force which forms part of a broad opposition movement, the National Liberation Movement, as a space for citizen political action where there may be a confluence with other political forces of the independent opposition, a space where popular wills may encounter and coordinate united actions with one another.

The two other initiatives are of a national character: The flower of the word will not die. We are opposed to a national project which zappatista its destruction, nauatl we lack a proposal for a new Nation, aproposal for reconstruction.

Thousands of innocent civilians were taken prisoners by the bad government and still remain in jail utilized as hostages of war by the terrorists who govern us.

Once the EZLN understood that the government refused to concentrate seriously on the national conflict which the war represented, it took a peace initiative in an attempt to unravel the dialogue and negotiations.

The Zapatistas describe themselves as a decentralized organization. To the people of Maniviesto To the peoples and governments of the world Brothers We were born at night In it we live We will die in it But the light will be?

The massive participation of international civil society called attention to the necessity to construct those spaces where the different aspirations for democratic change could find expression even among the different countries.