In Mexico, probably for centuries, Agave salmiana plantations have been established with shoots of young rhizomes (Mora-López et al. ). Plant database entry for Maguey Pulquero (Agave salmiana) with 4 images and 33 data details. PDF | On Mar 30, , Andres Quezada-Salinas and others published Fungi associated with maguey pulquero (Agave salmiana Otto ex.

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These leaves are thick, dark green with a large point at the tip and strong spines on the edges. This massive and beautiful agave is from the Mexican states of Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Puebla that forms a dense walmiana very neat rosette of wide, dark green to gray green leaves. Phoenix Arizona, Mid March – April. During the winter months, one should aalmiana water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling. But do not cover the small seeds with compost.

Like many in its family plant dies after blooming and offsets take over.

At sslmiana other extreme it may be seen planted out in southern Arizona and Texas. Back to Agave index. Back to Succulents Encyclopedia index. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We wish to thank Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for some of the information on this page.


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Agave salmiana (Giant Agave)

Low Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Many a person has regretted using a chainsaw, which throws the juices back at the user, to trim an agave. Mexico North America Evergreen: Use extreme care when working around or trimming any Agave.

It is multiplied more easily by planting shoots than by seedlings. It spreads to about 10 – 12 feet. Stand the pots in water, moisten thoroughly and drain.

Use pot with msguey drainage. Ovary green mm long, thick, cylindric. Berger Agave chinensis F. The epithet ferox is due to the hard and long up to 8 cm apical spines. Jacobsen states that the inflorescence of A. Koch Gentry Agaves Cont. It does well in full sun or a lightly shaded area. Native in sand, sandy loam, clay and other heavy soils.

Major references and further lectures 1 James Cullen, Sabina G.

The flower stalk is huge 15 to 40 feetstarting like an asparagus, but its flowers are inconspicuous. It produces many suckers which can lead to a large colony if the suckers are not removed. Full Sun Summer Dry: Agave Flora of Mexico Plants described in It dies after blooming. This plant has also been in cultivation in Europe since the 19th century.


Once germination has taken place, remove gradually the glass or plastic and move into a good light but not in direct sun.

Blandford Press, Vol. At salmisna temperatures, germination usually takes considerably longer. Koch Gentry [1] is often encountered in cultivation.

We share images and information with Wikipedia. Anthers mm long, yellow. Back to Agavaceae index. The origins of this variety are somewhat unknown.

Agave salmiana ‘Green Giant’ at San Marcos Growers

The naguey then dies leaving suckers that grow into replacement plants. Over time it will produce a an urn-shaped silhouette made up of very broadand well-armed, leaves up to 35 cm wide.

The largest specimens have been significantly taller. These striking plants are wonderful when used for accent or simply to provide some all year round foliage and often used in a pot as a patio plant, can be moved around to change the scenery or position to give more shelter Alcoholic drinks: