book Madalina Moraru, Mit si publicitate (Myth and advertising) (Bucharest: Nemira, advertising, stereotypes, marketing, ethical dimension, Madalina Moraru. In Mit ┼či publicitate/Myth and advertising volume, by Madalina Moraru highlights the advantages, but also the disadvantages of maintaining of the stereotypes in. Madalina Moraru, University of Bucharest, Facultatea de Jurnalism si Myth and Advertising/Mit si publicitate, Bucharest, Nemira Publishing House more.

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The ideal of feminine beauty presents a commercial image of beauty, but not a healthy one.

Acta Universitatis Danubius. Communicatio, Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Should they see the people in the image as equals or not? Local Identity on Facebook Platform: This happened because, their services were addressed to various demographics and efficient communication engages consumers in virtual communities.

This paper aims to draw a connection between certain mythical aspects and campaigns for alcoholic drinks by discovering archetypes related to primordial creation. On November 10ththe fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of the destruction of this apparently invincible communist puzzle.

Publicitaate, people are faced with an explosion of imaginary; the contemporary society is facing publiciyate unprecedented production of images. Transition from communism to democracy in Romanian advertising M Moraru. Advertising and Marketing Publicitatf.

The media, as images providers, is present at all levels of representation of the western or westernized man. These projected imaginary situations are based on an encompassing value structure with which the consumer is already familiar. Help Center Find new research papers in: Given this image translation, Romanian commercials may be easily classified as traditional commercials, imported models and a mixture of both resembling to a metaphorical centaur.

It brought the audience closer to the subject or is it distanced from him?

Madalina Moraru | University of Bucharest –

Romanian Advertising During the Transition Period: The success of advertisement depends on the interpretative chemistry of consumer situations plausible imagined, interacting with structures with familiar and accepted values. European identity cultural, linguistic and political identity morzru, positioning strategy for example, the one based on time is, specific to traditional commercialsbrand identity.


Success depends on the interpretative chemistry of the consumption situations plausible imagined interacting with the structures of familiar and accepted values. Often, the titles are often built in rhymed and rhythmic key, to remember them involuntarily.

Artikel baru oleh penyusun ini. Strategies to Influence through Advertising Images.

European StudiesBrandingand Advertising and Branding. Hitungan “Dikutip oleh” ini termasuk dalam kutipan yang ada pada artikel berikut di Scholar. Thus, similarities and distinctions will be more obvious, justifying the contamination of local values by European features.

In a sense, Central and Eastern European countries reacted similarly to this transition from an authoritarian, dictatorial system to a democratic mwdalina, but they proceeded to adapt differently to the Western mentality. And trust is a tool of simplifying the reality Balaban,p.

Transformation and Democratic Transition, Routledge, However it should not be too familiar or commonplace in order to determine indifference or even rejection by the consumers. At the end of this study, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of creating a chameleonic identity for the brands by importing external values. In conclusion, ageing was not completely ignored in Romanian advertising, but its perception has omraru perspectives.

The Narrating Instances in Advertising Stories. The hypothesis from which we kadalina it that according to which the miy function nit reality is closely linked to the idea of trust. Representations of Elderly People in Romanian Advertising more. Establishing the relationship between European and Romanian advertising implies answering the following questions: The main challenge of this research is to prove that national identity has been equally developed in commercials broadcast not only for local brands, but for global brands as well, due to consumer needs and insight.

How were positioned the people, the places and the actions in the image, related to the point of view of audience? Among the desirable aspects of activating stereotypes, we can mention the following Moraru,pp.

Our present research compared mpraru ways several important brands on the Romanian market have promoted their values before and after by using TV and online channels of communication. Communicability of a belief depends on its characteristics and the psychology of individuals that communicate it and the interaction between these factors. The shorter the message is, the easier is to remember. The campaign consists in promoting local products under the moearu Romanian Flavors, well-known on the market ever since Philosophy and Historical Studies.


Using juxtaposition of images to create a spatial proximity between different contents and thus suggesting that there is a causal link between them, it is a strategy publciitate used in general in the visual advertisements, especially in the printed ones. Everything functioned as in The difference between global and local moraruu depends on the consumer, whose age and experience demand specific values.

Mental representations have, first, a symbolic substanceand then a practice that generates them Moscovici,p. The results of this study will be representative for the quantitative and qualitative approach. In connection with the ways of manipulating through images and the issue of nadalina way for achieving the content of images, we can formulate the following interrogations: The symbols appearing in commercials madaliba the result of a communication effort. Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 12 35, The is example of this technique is the use of perfume commercials, which typically take the form of juxtapositions between two images: Sphere of Social Imaginary.

Additionally, this research aims to identify some patterns of preserving national identity in local commercials either for European brands or for Romanian ones, from different points of view such as topic, linguistic tools, narrative structures, personalities. According to Grugelthe main feature of the Communism collapse in Central and Eastern-European countries was simultaneity.

Ten Years of Facebook, Although production of advertising images can be innovative in terms of techniques and visual forms, it remains, however, most of the time, conservative and repetitive in its contents.