Order: Schizaeales. Family: Schizaeaceae. Genus: Lygodium. Species: L. flexuosum. Common Names: Climbing Fern, Ribu-ribu Gajah, Akar Sidin. Status . Lygodium flexuosum var. setulosum Tard. & C. Chr. Synonym. Lygodium maculatum Bory. Synonym. Lygodium meyenianum Presl. Synonym. Lygodium pilosum. Analysis of the bioactive components present in the whole plant ethanol extract of species Lygodium flexuosum L. from Northern Western Ghats has been.

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Antheridic acid is a major antheridiogen in four Anemia ferns. Human Uses The young fronds are eaten as a vegetable. Protective effect of Lygodium fl exuosum L.

Lygodium flexuosum | FNWD

Studies on plants used in traditional medicine by Bhilla tribe of Maharashtra. Similar species Lygodium japonicum Thunb.

Root apex organisation in some pteridophytes. Crane Haplopteris ensiformis Sw. Presl Loxogramme lankokiensis Rosenst. Lemmaphyllum accedens Blume Donk Lemmaphyllum carnosum J. News from Southern weed science society. Schott Nephrolepis cordifolia L. It belongs to the family Lygodiaceae and widely used in treating various ailments like jaundice, dysmenorrhea, wound healing and eczema.


India Biodiversity Portal

Antibacterial activity evaluated by disc diffusion method toward MTCC strains. Lygidium Lygodium elegans Desv. Presl Ching ex C. Quality control of herbal drugs. Presl Milde Athyrium cuspidatum Bedd.

Now days, this had proven to be one of the most useful drug in the treatment of wounds. Kuhn Nephrolepis undulata Afzel.

Medicinal properties are reported from Cambodia Dy Phon, Related observations Show all. Flora of Australia online. Home Species Index Glossary. The effect of Gibberellic acid GA on the ultrastructure of chloroplast and the content of chlorophyll was seen in the cells of dwarf maize. The determinate primary leaves and the inderterminate climbing leaves initiate from a single cell on the lygodiim of the apical meristem and are strictly foliar in the nature, structurally homologues with each other and with leaves of the fern.

Chu Cyclosorus megaphyllus Mett. This plant is also used in bidi and the bidi made of flrxuosum is smoked. Moore Polystichum eximium Kuhn C.


Because flexuosun presence of GA25 suggests that GA24, a direct precursor of GA25 may also be present in Lygodium ferns and the feeding experiments were used to investigate the possibility that GA24 is a precursor of GAMe.

Link Plagiogyria adnata Blume Bedd. Types of colonization[ 6667 ] is presented in Table 3.

Lygodium flexuosum

Crepidomanes latealatum Bosch Copel. National Veterinary Accreditation Program.

Known or potential benefits of the species for humans, at a direct economic level, as instruments of education, prospecting, eco-tourism, etc. Lygodium polystachyum — China. Scleroglossum sulcatum Kuhn Alderw.