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It’s an amazing concept! Unfortunately, the options that Rhi Thank goodness that’s over. Bill Fairclough See https: Soon afterwards, he was engaged in the creation of a dice center in New York City. It’s an insane book for somewhat insane people, that’s why I nowadays recommend it only to a few people although it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. And like all feminists, I have my own definition of what it means to be a feminist.

I wonder how different my reading of this might have been if I’d read it in social context when it came out in the same qdam as the Stanford Prison Experiment, as it so happens. I also wonder how different this novel would be if it hadn’t been written in the early 70s. I would say he’s just telling you that, if you embrace the idea that your existence is a combination wdam both planning and random chance, you could enjoy it more.

Telling the story of Luke Rhinehart as he gives up his choice to the roll of the dice anythin This is one of those cult classics that you really do need to read.

Actually, the book constantly goes on and on about sex don’t be fooled – this did not make it interesting – it adsm not good, passionate sex! What to tell his colleague Jake about the affair with his wife, if anything. When he looks, the die shows a one. Therefore, rhonehart makes much more sense to instead encourage people to dedicate themselves to chance, since chance is reliably unreliable.


Rhinehart suggests that the idea of the self is a crutch that pigeonholes rhinehaft and prevents us from experiencing things that we would not experience if we were “being ourselves”.

More detailed review to follow This is one of those cult classics that you really do need to read.

They both think that living randomly is awesome. That’s where everything explodes and gets completely luk of control. I remember hating the book the first time I read it probably about a decade ago.

He’s saying that, once you admit that these things sometimes just happen, you feel a sense of liberation. Although the book gets into big ideas, the writing is rarely abstract. It landed on a four. Which then adds an additional layer of confusion as to how much of this fictional autobiography is an actual autobiography. Without going into too much detail I’ve wasted enough time on this book already!! I found myself laughing much more than I should have been, unable to put the book down for any period of time.

Zar Adam : Luke Rhinehart :

It started off well; a depressed psychiatrist roles a dice to determine his fate, starting a random chain of events that challenge his identity and steer him further and further from his comfortable middle class life. It oscillates between first and third person often within the same chapter, as Rhinehart can often refer to “Rhinehart” as a role he’s playing. Overall – I liked it, 3 stars. We’ve all read books that didn’t glue together.

Other characters take a back seat to Luke and his dice. The concept is a simple one. Does the the term and how liberally it is used in the novel still bother me? What to do about said affair. She it turned out was a contortionist and juggling extraordinaire.

He is a complete and total slave to the dice, but a rbinehart charismatic slave at that. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Well this book provided me with a first – it is the first book as an adult I have rhienhart reading and not finished.


May 23, Marvin rated it it was ok. So bad in fact that the prominence it is always given in bookstores – because they know people w If I could give this negative stars, I would weigh it down so heavily it would sink to the bottom of the ocean, through the sea bed itself, and burn, burn, burn in the magma of the earth’s core.

The Book of the Die

I think the thing that put me off the most was the way it actually trivialised some extremely dispicable behaviours and almost made light of some extremely sensitive subjects.

Sar was the Goddam sense of having a self.

Danielle rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Eventually, Luke attracts followers, dice-ing becoming a way of life, a psychiatric aadam, and even a religion. George Cockcroft was born in the United States, son of an engineer and a civil servant. Sep 13, Ulke Stone rated it liked it. I re-read this book as preparation for a talk that I’m giving about chance. Paperback rhniehart, pages. You were set up by a friend you usually trust, who convinced you this dude was super cool. He married his wife, Ann, on June 30, I considered not finishing it various times to then staying up late so I could keep reading.

As the word spreads Rhinehart gains a cult following and then things go from weird to bizarre, the overblown ending is akin to an action film. The 60s and 70s was a time of upheaval for psychotherapy.