Plik: Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zdrowie Longman Repetytorium Maturalne Poziom rozszerzony. Książka. Sprawdziany repetytorium maturalne longman poziom rozszerzony chomikuj Odpowiedzi repetytorium maturalne longman chomikuj matura rozszerzona. LONGMAN Repetytorium maturalne z języka angielskiego – poziom rozszerzony ROZUMIENIE ZE SŁUCHU TRACK 11 Zadanie 1. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią nagrania. Zakreśl literę A, B.

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Student Well, I dont do too much housework. Speaker 2 Ive bought the tickets. Waiter Yes, of course. I just wanted to tell you that Ive got flu.

Ruth Yes, but I dont think we will be going. The resort had difficult slopes for experienced skiers and a lower area for beginners, so it was perfect for us. Student Yes, but it might be cold today. Examiner Oh, but I dont really like jogging Im not motivated enough. Just fill out this form. But of course, graffiti is illegal so I used to get into trouble all the time. So, we went to the pub to watch it instead. I was always mad about sport at school and was in all the school teams.


Livro de eletronica basica gratis. Can I have a book of first class stamps while Im here? Joanna is an authority on physical activity, diet, alternative therapy and all kinds of ways to keep yourself in shape, but shell be talking today about finding ways to exercise. Stop worrying about it and move on to the next exam. He looks like hes doing his homework, or maybe hes studying lobgman an exam. I dont think we should start too late. The new phone book – Businesses pack a lot of Cover the wound with a loose bandage.

Did you charge it properly? maturalnr

Its great to be here. I went to Zakopane with my parents and my younger sister. The wind and rain doesnt help this, either. I found a good skydiving school and booked a course. A I like dancing and going to the cinema. In the background, we can see more big boxes. When I was a child, I used to draw all the time, and as I got older I started to enter competitions and I won a few, too, and I even went to art college, but I was a bit frustrated.

Słowotwórstwo – Ćwiczenia z angielskiego do Matury, test z języka angielskiego

Anna It sounds like youre going to have a great time. Is that OK with you? In this photo we can see some luxurious ingredients like olives and shrimp, and I believe that meals for special occasions should be made from something unusual.


One of my friends is an experienced skydiver so I asked him what it was like. We use Let me know if you can make it! And what does he look like?

Were going to visit New York. Of course, there are some people who think that it is just a form of graffiti and shouldnt be allowed, but most people who see my work say its very beautiful. Examiner Tell us about a situation that really scared you. What did you say? Shes a great fan of modern painting. All that way just for a week.

Słowotwórstwo Angielski Ćwiczenuia do Matury – Memorizer

What about your work? I phoned my family and told them not to worry. But sometimes it turns itself off in the middle of a phone call.