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La moyenne latinite, le moyen franQais, etc. The French rustre preserves the same meaning in the modern language that it exhibits in the 94 The Semantics of Doublets first ds instance of its use in the fourteenth century: Ceux qui n’ont I’esprit si fort, ni si trempe.

The modern mxmte, ‘bill of fare,’ means literally the Cf.

You must melt together equal parts of very pure red copper and very fine tin, on approximately the 20th of April, and make a ring of it on the day and hour of Venus or Jupiter, and engrave the inside of the ring on the month of November in one of the said hours with the following characters: The Spanish doublets abur ahur, agur are merely orthographical variantsagUero and augurio show sem- antic development similar to the French.

And you, O angels and spirits, come and collect this blood, and offer it to the Supreme God.

Les clavicules de la Sapience: Claude Le Moal: : Books

Parts of the text in square brackets [] were omitted by Mathers, and the translations supplied are my own. Ill The Semantics of Doublets Ce que le ciel circuyt et implique. The angels of the planets that are before the face of God. Neither are omitted, the Conjurations, Seals, Characters, and Divine Letters, which belong to them, by means of which we receive sxpience power to sympathise with these Spirits.

It must be made on the day and hour of Mars with the blood of a bat on virgin parchment, and properly wrapped it in a piece of red fabric for use when needed.


Not until the eighteenth century did the present usage become fixed. Teachers for whom phonetics had constituted the sine qua non of instruction in the small classes of philology, foimd in semantics a new and 22 The Semantics of Doublets invigorating source of interest for the basic science al phonology.

Names of the said Angels. Then keep the staff to serve when needed. The characters are the geomantic characters of Mercury from Agrippa II. The classical meaning is preserved in Spanish bodega ‘wine-cellar;’ the doublet botica shows the same generaliza- tion of meaning as French boutique.

All of these treatises concern themselves chiefly with the phonetic development of the forms; for the present day their most valuable feature is the lists which they contain.

Sceaux [sic] de Mercure. The blade must be of very pure and fine steel. Los is a rare word in the modem language; it was considered obsolescent in the early seventeenth century Brunot iii, pt.

The modern idiom employs the term almost wholly by metonymy: The phrase au rez de meaning ‘except,’ occurs in Middle French: This use of the word is at present obsolescent. Les Mervelles de Rigomer, 11,Cornell University Library PC Lesquielz furent moiens et protecteurs. In like manner peu de chose: The study of doublets, as thus understood, began in the seventeenth century. The phrase employer le vert et le sec is due to the ellipsis of the word bois; le bois vert et le bois sec in the meaning ‘use fair and foul means to accomplish a pur- pose.

After having incensed it during the said oration, seal the place up, and take care that no one enter therein except you and those of whom you have need for the operations.

Spanish comulgar and comunicar have developed simi- larly to the French doublets just mentioned. Cause represents the Classical Latin clavicjles and is of distinctly ecclesiastical origin: Finally, you must make sure that all these things are new; they should be prepared, exorcised, and purified in kes manner which I will teach you hereafter.

Above the triange is “MNAL”? Ovid, Heroides, xix, Since this point is in astronomy a star above the observer, zenith comes to mean in general parlance ‘the portion of the heavens directly above the 97 The Semantics of Doublets observer.

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Un certain monsieur chose.

As for the etymology, could there not have been influences working both ways, from the Latin and the Germanic elements, as a result of which the word rime was evolved as a sort of hybrid derivative through a contamination of the two possible etyma?

Rythmus est pedum temporumque jimctura velox, di- visa in,arsi vel thesi, vel tempus, quo syllabas metimur. The central figure ultimately derives from Agrippa II. Therefore, if you wanted claviculds example to operate one Sunday in the hour of the Sun, it would be necessary to begin six hours after midnight, for that is the first hour lined up with the Sun, and you must use this example for all the others: And in order that thou mayest understand how I have arrived at this degree of wisdomit is necessary to tell thee that one day, when I was meditating upon the power of the Supreme Being, the Angel of the Great God appeared before me as I was saying, O how [great and] wonderful are the works of God!

Secours et champion de dames et de pucelles, de veufves et d’orphelins en tous leurs loyaulx clavicupes.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

Noms des Anges que assistent devant xapience face de Dieu. And having put back the core, you must compress it a little, so that this blood will not perish, and that the person for whom it is destined does not reject any.

Learned in classical Latin beyond any of their predecessors who had deigned to write in French, it was quite natural that these two scholars should enrich the vocabulary of the vulgar tongue by borrowing from the “nobler” parent speech. Karlo- wingische Formulare, 4.

Afterwards, engrave on the sword, or have engraved, with the burin se the Art, in the same hour six AM the characters and words shown hereafter. Agios, Athanatos, Beron, Ciel Dedotois.