This article is about the novel by Leif Enger. Peace Like a River. Peacelikeariver. jpg. Author, Leif Enger. Country, United States. Language, English. Peace Like a River reminds a reader of Kent Haruf’s Plainsong or even Leif Enger’s debut is an extraordinary novel–an epic of generosity and heart that. Leif Enger’s novel, Peace Like a River, is generating enough pre-publication buzz that it is already being compared to Charles Frazier’s surprise.

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PEACE LIKE A RIVER by Leif Enger | Kirkus Reviews

Which of the following best describes you? This first novel by Leif Enger draws its life from that holy pun. How many year-old boys do YOU know who think. This was a great story.

Reuben Land is as balanced and clueless as Scout Finch. If you can’t stomach religion then maybe put this one aside as it has a heav This is a wonderful tale of the strength of family during hardships and struggle. Such gripes aside, this book is really pface excellent read. They learn that Andreeson has been by and he lfif likely following them, but no one knows where Davy is headed. Elif family reconnects that night, knowing that Davy will have to leave the following day. Roxanna Cawley runs it; she invites them to stay in her home and wait out the snowstorm.

As Mother cried out, Dad turned back to me, a clay child wrapped in a canvas coat, and said in a normal voice, ‘Rueben Land, in the name of the living God I am telling you to breathe.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I promise you that. Bob and Andy Pie. Davy loves his dad, but he finds the concept of an omnipotent God as claustrophobic as the cell. It is one of my all-time favorite books because it has GREAT writing, a wonderful message, a twisting plot and has laugh out loud parts.

There is beauty in the language, in the place and time the language evokes, in character and in theme. This is a wonderful tale of the strength of family during hardships and struggle. Books and Jams Re Their mother abandoned them peave before, probably out of frustration that her husband, Jeremiah, had no worldly ambition. He’s my favorite writer of all time. The thing that is the most sad to me is that this story had such potential to really pack a punch but it just ended, ended the way you expected with nothing profound from the narrator at the end.

Peace Like a River

Peace Like a River. Reuben testifies and realizes that Davy is not going to win. While the doctor mumbles platitudes and his mother wails, Reuben’s father senses that something’s wrong. Jeremiah tells his newborn son, once more: So the discouraging, painful things that happen to these characters seem to have actually happened to people I care about.

If you have lost your ability to do so, this book might make you believe in miracles after all. When the boys do enter the Land house, they head straight for Reuben, and Davy — who was waiting for them — shoots and kills them. A few inconsistencies kept me from loving it outright. I absolutely loved this book.


I enjoyed Chad Lowe’s narration this time around. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was terribly frightening for Robin and me.

Enger’s writing style allows for long lapses in anything actually happening. That said, there is some violence.

View all 5 comments. That way the reader knows this is sure exciting stuff!!!! And there all comparisons should end. This is a tough plot development to take seriously, but I suppose that once an author has established that a certain character can perform miracles or that spiritual energy tends to align itself in fortuitous ways around him, or whateverthe usual rules of plotting no longer apply.

I remembered loving the characters especially Reuben and Leace and the setting the desolation of the Dakota Badlands. There was a problem adding your email address.


View all 15 comments. They travel for hours without stopping at a gas station because they are all manned with police officers looking for the Lands. For the trial, the Lands stay with their lawyer, Mr. When bad and good were clearly defined black and white.