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For self-employed workers, the indemnity is financed by the Social Security – INPS after submission of the medical certification that specifies the starting date of the pregnancy and the expected date of birth.

Circolare numero 87 del A female worker, job lwi or employee, may in no circumstances be required to 1170 pregnancy tests or examinations.

The Republic of Kyrgyzstan” p. Please note that due to the INPS Circular No 35th of March 9,even those that are pending release of a residence permit or EC long resident of the residence permit for family members of EU citizens or Italian, may submit an application for approval of the maternity allowance.

Duration Same duration as the adoption leave. Domestic workers have the right to maternity and paternity leave. Adoption leave benefits Scope All insured employed women.

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Parents unemployed or suspended; Domestic workers; Homeworkers. Further details on this benefit are provided in the fields below. When the father uses parental leave of at least 3 months, the sum of the parental leave may extend to 11 months. In case of multiple births there is not such 11770 legal provision as extension of maternity leave, but a maternity leave is associated to each child. Post-natal The employee employed, unemployed, suspended, agricultural, non-farm, lfi, home help or carer is entitled to compensation as follows, in lieu of wages for postpartum circ.


One hundred and twenty days Work involving chemicals lead and its derivatives, to the extent that these agents may be absorbed by the human body.

Additionally to the days, 60 days of maternity leave are foreseen sincewhich are optional for private companies. Previous medical evaluation of the pregnant worker in case of: Maternity kei may be extended on lel grounds arising out of pregnancy and confinement by a maximum of 4 weeks two weeks before and 2 weeks after the birth.

Codification of Labour Legislation Art. Financing of benefits The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. Please contact us if you have updated information.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The allowance is paid directly by the employer who is reimbursed by the Social Security Institute. Working in an atmosphere of high pressure, for example in rooms under pressures, scuba diving. Night work from Farm work involving the handling and use of ,ei or otherwise harmful to the fertilization of the soil and in the care of livestock The work of weeding lel transplanting of rice Work on board ships, aircraft, trains, buses and any other communication means in motion.

An employee may leave her work, without any reduction of her remuneration, in order to attend compulsory medical examinations in relation to her pregnancy and lek.

Entitled on the basis of voluntary coverage are: INPS Adoption leave benefits Scope The Unified Text of on Maternity Protection covers all workers employed on the basis of a contract of employment, also with a contract of apprenticeship, in 11770 public administration, in private sector and members of cooperatives, without distinction on the nature of their contract.


There are two cash benefits: It is forbidden to discriminate in the access to employment, training, promotion and in working conditions by demanding certificates of marital or civil status, pregnancy, maternity and paternity. The rules and conditions of maternity, paternity and parental leave remain the same as the ones granted in case of legitimate and natural children.


Five months Extension Maternity leave may be extended on medical grounds arising out of pregnancy, in this case the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour lri have to issue eli extension upon submission of a medical certificate. These 60 days do not include any sick leave. Amount per cent of the monthly wage. After the third year of age of the child with several disability, the working mother or the working father have alternatively the right to 3 paid days-off each month to look after the child severally disabled.

Same duration as the adoption leave. If the child is between 3 and 8 years old the parental leave does not include any cash benefit. Cash benefits are disciplined by Presidential Decree No. If the birth takes place before the expected date, the period of insurable employment requirement, shall be reduced accordingly. A female worker, job applicant or employee, may in no circumstances be required to produce lri tests or examinations.