Model A Multimeter / Switch System. SPECA Rev. B / May Page 1 of 6. Function. Range. 1. Resolution. Test Current or. Burden. Voltage. Input. Buy KEITHLEY A online at Newark element Buy your A from an authorized KEITHLEY distributor. The A from Keithley is a A series six slot system switch with high performance digit DMM. It offers scalable, instrument grade switching and.

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Maximizes System Control and Flexibility To provide users with greater versatility when designing test systems, the A mainframes are equipped with many standard features.

Keithley 3706A

In addition, the multimeter is wired to the mainframe’s analog backplane, ensuring a high quality signal path from each card channel to the multimeter.

The built-in Web interface offers a quick and easy 33706 to control and analyze measurement results. The A includes four versions of the A system switch mainframe along with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards.

The A system supports applications as diverse as design validation, accelerated stress testing, data acquisition, and functional testing. When fully loaded, a mainframe can support up to two-wire multiplexer channels or 2, one-pole matrix crosspoints for unrivaled density and economical per channel costs.

View Cart My Account Test scripts can contain math and decision-making rules that further reduce the interaction between a host PC and the instrument. The multimeter supports 13 built-in measurement functions, including: A scan list builder is provided to guide users through the requirements of keithleg scan list such as trigger and looping definitions for more advanced applications.

Interactive schematics of each kekthley in the mainframe support point-and-click control for keihley and closing switches. By using TSP test scripts instead of a PC for instrument control, you avoid communication delays between the PC controller and instrument, which results in improved test throughput.


Test Script Builder is a software tool that is provided with all A instruments to help users easily create, modify, debug, and store TSP test scripts.

The keithleg does not use a card slot, so you maintain all six slots in your mainframe. In-rack calibration is supported, which reduces both maintenance and calibration time. For example, easy connectivity is supported with three remote interfaces: All A mainframes contain a USB device port for easy transfer of readings, configurations, and test scripts to memory sticks.

This port, which is located on the front panel, provides you with easy access to and portability of measurement results. When the mainframe is ordered with the multimeter, additional Web pages are included for measurement configuration and viewing, including a graphing toolkit.


Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

If your channel density requirements grow or if you need to process more signal types, use TSP-Link Technology to expand your system. This mainframe contains six slots for plug-in cards in a compact 2U high 3.

This technology provides “smart” instruments with the ability to perform distributed processing and control at the instrument level versus a central PC. This series offers a growing family of high density and general purpose 306 cards that accommodates a broad range of signals at very competitive pricing. The A builds upon Keithley’s tradition of producing kejthley, high quality, precise signal switching.

This form of distributed control supports the autonomous operation of individual instruments or groups of instruments and can possibly remove the need for a high level PC controller, which lowers test and ownership costs.


Keithley A High Performance DMM and Switc – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

TSP technology enhances instrument control by allowing users the choice of using standard PC control or of creating embedded test scripts that are executed on microprocessors within the instrument. Embedded Web Server The built-in Web interface offers a quick and easy method to control and analyze measurement results.

Transportable Memory, USB 2. The immediate window also allows users to see the output of a given test script and simplifies debugging. Data Sheet KB. Simply plug in a ieithley stick and, with a few simple keystrokes, gain access to virtually unlimited memory storage.

To provide users with greater versatility when designing test systems, the A mainframes are equipped with many standard features. There is no need to add external triggers and remote communication cables to individual instruments, since all TSP-Link connected devices can be controlled from a single master unit. This high speed system expansion interface lets users avoid the complex and time consuming task of expanding their remote interfaces to another mainframe.

Everything connected with TSP-Link can be controlled by the master unit, just as if they were all housed in the same chassis. When the A mainframe is ordered with the high performance multimeter, you receive a tightly integrated switch and measurement system that can meet the demanding application requirements in a functional test system or provide the flexibility needed in stand-alone data acquisition and measurement applications.

High Keithleg Switching at a Value Price The A builds upon Keithley’s tradition of producing innovative, high quality, precise signal switching.