Does anybody know any JoomFish tutorial? Pleaseee Please see JoomFish Wiki, available here: link: mambfish This tutorial shows how make your custom components work with Joomfish Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to. This tutorial covers how to build a multi-lingual site with only the Joomla other multi-lingual content extensions such as Falang or Joomfish.

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This Title will also be used by the langswitcher module in front-end when flags are not used.

You can leave this blank for the base language. It is also possible to get a complete distribution in another language, French or German for instance.

How can i use JoomFish (or FaLang) with jDownloads?

Create a root category for each language. When SEF is enabled, one will get http: Fish Starting with RSForm! Go to Media to see if the images have been migrated.

Pro with Mailchimp RSForm! Remove the categories prefixes During the migration, the categories have been prefixed to avoid duplicates.

Adding Joomfish functionality to custom components

Pro and set the Form Id to point to the English version. Pro multi-language support allows you to easily translate your Joomla!


Enable the Language Switcher Module. Don’t want to pay for every single template? Joomfish is an extension for Joomla, that allows you to manually translate all your Joomla content.

This tutorial shows how joofmish your custom components work with Joomfish 2. In this case, you’ll need to use RSForm! Pro allows you to send custom emails user and admin emails upon the form submission. Creating forms for Joomla! Check that the current language displayed in the top bar is defined as the default one. First, create a new XML file in your favourite code editor and save this as hello.

Tutoriaal you want to create an article in two languages, you need to create two articles.

Tutorial: migrate a multilingual site from Joom!Fish to WPML – Frédéric

It will convert your Joom! Set the import options You can choose other options. Choose YES for to make this the default page for this language. Fish and I want to migrate it to WordPress. We declare the XML version, tell Joomfish that it’s a new content element to translate, Tell the name of the component, the author name the version of the component, and a small description.

Form inside article – RSForm! Fish translations to WPML. If you want to see all greetings, you have to use the loadAssocList function instead of the jiomfish function in the same model file as above.


Ep.9 – Create a multilanguage form in Joomla! with RSForm! Pro and Joom!Fish

Inside the table tag, we have 2 field tags. How joomfis I generate a license code? Before we begin, please note that the following explanations, along with the video tutorial, are only available for the RSForm! The next field tag is of the type “titletext”, which tells Joomfish two things: After you’ve added it, open the options for the module. Click the Home menu item. Add the content language. A language pack is different than a foreign language distribution. Home What is Joomla?

This is the main plugin to convert tutorila Joomla site to WordPress. Go to your site to see how it tutlrial. It is because the default permalink prevents the URL redirect. This must be the same default language as on Joom!

Any pages you create in this language should tutroial a menu item on this menu, and the Language for the menu item should also be chosen as French.