Euphues, The Anatomy of Wit, and Euphues and His England, by John Lyly, were published respectively in and , when the author was a young. From Euphues. By John Lyly. Edited by Jack Lynch. The text comes from the first edition, I’ve added the paragraph numbers. The original is in black-letter. John Lyly’s Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit and Euphues and his England, created a literary sensation in their own age, and had a profound.

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The one will be satisfyed with reason, the other are to be aunswered with silence.

Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit

I submit my selfe to the iudgement of the wise, and I little esteme the censure of fooles. Lyly’s style depends for its effect on alliteration, balanced sentences, antithesis, and exotic imagery:.

Aristippus his wart, Lycurgus his wen: Euphues’ Latin poem in praise of Elizabeth I is translated for the first time, and is discussed in an appendix.

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You will never read this quaint work first published in Helen her scar on her chin which Paris called cos amoristhe whetstone of love.

If one write neuer so well, he cannot please all, and write he neuer so ill hee shall please some. If Nature beare no sway, why vse you this adulation? The freshest colors soonest fade, the teenest razor soonest turneth his edge, the finest cloth is soonest eaten with moths, and the cambric sooner stained than the coarse canvas: The introduction explores the relationship between the dramatic and non-dramatic work, locating Lyly’s highly influential plays in a wider context and Euphues’ Latin poem in praise of Elizabeth I, translated for the first time, is discussed in an Appendix.

The influence of this work is more valuable then the actual reading of it. Ah Euphues, into what misfortune art thou brought! Enuie braggeth but draweth no bloud, the malicious haue more mynde to quippe, then might to cut. The Anatomy of Wyt”, a didactic romance written by John Lyly, was entered in the Stationers’ Register 2 December and published that same year. No no Eubulusbut I will yeelde to more, then eyther I am bounde to graunte, eyther thou able to proue: Lists with This Book.


Thys olde Gentleman hauinge finished his dyscourse, Euphues beganne to shape hym an aunswere in this sort. Both Lyly’s prose works and his plays give many examples of the Renaissance creed that male friendship is to be considered superior to the love of a man for a woman the woman’s point of view is not considered.

If she haue dealte hardely with me, why extoll you so muche my birth? I know gentlemen wil fynde no fault without cause, and beare with those that deserue blame, as for others I care not for their iestes, for I neuer ment to make them my Iudges.

Who so secure as the Epicures which wallowed in all kinde of licentiousnesse? Madalynn rated it did not like it Sep 08, Some critics distinguish between the picaresque which has a loosely connected sequence of episodes and the novel which has unity of lylyy and so exclude The Unfortunate Traveller.

Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In my mynde Printers lylh Taylors are bound chiefely to pray for Gentlemen, the one hath so many fantasies to eupphues, the other such diuers fashions to make, euphuea the pressing yron of the one is neuer out of the fyre, nor the printing presse of the other any tyme lyeth still.

Want to Read saving…. The name Euphues is derived from Greek meaning “graceful, witty”. I am of this mind, that both might and malice, deceit and treachery, all perjury, any impiety may lawfully be committed in love, which is lawless.

As therefore I gave a farewell to Lucilla, a farewell to Naples, a farewell to women, so now do I give farewell to the world, meaning rather to macerate myself with melancholy than pine in folly, rather choosing to die in my study amidst my books than to court oyly in Italy in the company of ladies.

John Lyly and early modern authorship Andy Kesson. Who preferring fancy before friends, and his present humor, before honor to come, laid reason in water being too salt for his taste, and followed unbridled affection, most pleasant for his tooth. Doe you not knowe that which all men doe affirme and knowe, that blacke will take no other coulour? And why shouldst thou torment thyself for one in whom is neither faith nor fervency?

Alas, however, fickle-minded Lucilla falls for another guy. Some critics require a novel lylg be wholly original and so exclude retellings like Le Morte d’Arthur. That euery thing will dispose it selfe according to Nature?


Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit | novel by Lyly |

Ann rated it did not like it Jun 16, This modern-spelling edition of the two works, the first for nearly a century, is designed to allow the twenty-first euphuea reader access to this culturally significant text and to explore the fascination that it exerted. But a fashion is but a dayes wearing, and a booke but an howres reading, which seeing it is so, I am of a shomakers mynde, who careth not so the shooe hold the plucking on, and I, so my labours last the running ouer.

Lucilla’s father owes Philautus money and desires that she marries his creditor. Keith rated it liked it Feb lyoy, It is naturall for the vyne to spread, the more you seeke by arte to alter it, the more in the ende you shall augment it. Gentlemen vse bookes, as gentlewomen handle theyr flowres, who in the morning sticke them in their heads, and at night strawe them at their heeles. Forensic Shakespeare Quentin Skinner. Who more enuious then Tymondenouncing all humaine societie?

Venus had her mole in her cheek which made her more amiable: Some critics require a novel to have a certain length, and so exclude Oroonoko, defining it instead as a novella.

Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit by John Lyly. Euphues and Philautus vie for the love of Lucilla, realising finally that their friendship is more important; in the play Endymion Eumenides puts his love for his friend Endymion above his love for Semele with the happy result that Endymion is restored to youth and he is given Semele as a reward.

A Life in Books Kevin J. Lyly’s mannered style is characterized lylg parallel arrangements and periphrases.

Anyways, the significance of this novel is not in its story but in its prose style–affected and high-flown–and this was once the rage in England. Tatjana JP rated it did not like it Jan 05,