We have mastered on an expert level the leading software platforms for computer hydraulic modelling InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks WS (by INNOVYZE) but also. InfoWorks WS and EPANET v2 – Modeling the water distribution networks ( English). Vuta, L. / Piraianu, V. Infoworks Spelling Checker for OCLC. Ballard, Terry. InfoWorks WS Pro is a hydraulic modelling software for water supply networks. It allows to model controls, water demand, and leakage.

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Careers and apprenticeships Equal infoowrks Vacancies Apprenticeships. With more than 15 years on the international market, it quickly became a standard among hundreds of enterprises — designers, consultants and utility operators around the globe.

In contrast, most competitive products on the market are based on adapted computational cores originally designed for other industries, such as oil and gas pipelines, or on generic network optimisation algorithms. Water quality simulation within InfoWorks WS Pro makes it possible to track the movement and concentration of substances in water in the network over time and calculate the age of water in the network.

For the first time on the Bulgarian market, AquaMOD Ltd offers a set of innovative services specifically developed for engineers and engineering teams in designing of water supply and sewer networks.

AquaMOD Ltd offers a complete set of services in expert designing of water supply and sewer systems:. The powerful simulation engine behind InfoWorks WS Pro was developed specifically for analysing water supply and distribution networks. Realistic Pump and Valve Modeling.

Improve Customer Service and Reduce Costs

We are a small but highly motivated team of co-founders and shareholders. Get the latest water industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox. The main types of services are:. Desktop Icons Step 6: InfoWorks WS Pro enables the automatic definition of a demand pattern for unprofiled demand based on telemetry data, taking into account leakages and known demand patterns. Browse subjects Browse through journals Browse through knfoworks. We have developed powerful software applications for data processing and data analysing for hydraulic and hydrological measurements, which are based on our extensive experience gained over the years.


News January 17, We offer a complete expert service in preparing technical specifications for tender procedures and contracts; IAS management — technical audits on IAS execution based on specific requirements in ongoing contracts, active quality control ss field data and final results, active management of field surveying teams and much more; IAS execution — AquaMOD Ltd conducts all types of IAS campaigns.

And also to allow us to offer always high quality, contemporary and innovative services.

AquaMOD Ltd offers wx complete set of services in the field of the computer hydraulic modelling. Checking requirements Step 2: Running simulations on a central, corporate server in the background, means that local productivity is unaffected. AquaMOD Ltd conducts a comprehensive engineering analysis to determine the data quality and the compliance with contracted specifics.

Afterwards you can start the installation process which consists of 7 easy steps demonstrated below. Expert engineering services in infowkrks at all stages Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, recently announced it has retired its InfoWorks WS software, to be succeeded by the more powerful, next-generation InfoWorks WS Pro.

Retirement of InfoWorks WS is now complete

The AquaMOD Ltd engineering infoworis has an extensive experience in designing of water supply and sewer drainage systems.


Preliminary feasibility studies for hydraulic modelling projects to define the real modelling needs based on inffoworks — benefit analyses; Complete studies to define the model scale, model type and the required accuracy according to the internationally adopted standards and methodologies; Planning and managing of all activities as part of the model building and implementation such as field surveys MS, IAS, FS, CCTV, etc.

It is poised to dominate this important industry for the next decade and beyond. It will take a couple infoqorks minutes to finish the installation.

InfoWorks WS Pro, advanced software for modeling water supply networks

Scenario Planning and Fire-Flow Analysis Automated Fire Hydrant Testing runs can be applied to any network to determine if the fire-flow criteria for the residual pressures at the hydrant, zone, or system is satisfied. Reading desks and facilities Computer workstations Printing — photocopying — scanning Wireless LAN Interactive whiteboards Study cubicles Workstation for the blind and visually impaired. To override these settings and specify a different language we need to add a parameter to the application startup.

Transients or surges can damage systems and infowoeks, reduce efficiency, affect water quality conditions, and threaten supply as well as public safety.

Download the appropriate files by clicking on the links. Powerful Hydraulic Simulation The powerful simulation engine behind InfoWorks WS Pro was developed specifically for analysing water supply and distribution networks.