I quickly read through that TSB funny thing is, my ’08 Civic Hybrid exhibited these symptoms while still in warranty. Dealership did ultimately. Honda Civic Hybrid – Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To the same part numbers, but actually mentions the TSB “S/B# “. The Civic’s Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear Problem On February 8th, they issued a TSB (TSB ) describing repair procedures for.

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Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To Do To Get The Upper Control Arms Replaced

They ended up saying the that “toe is out” and needs adjusting. During an oil change I noticed very bad inner tire wear on both rear tires. File Your Complaint CarComplaints. In addition, if you paid to replace a control arm on your Civic because of tire problems, Honda will reimburse you for parts and labor.

First, they couldn’t find the service appointment, but after briefly re-telling my issue, a different service advisor wrote it up.

View topic – Bulletin de service honda. With the eighth-generation Civic, theThe lawnmower maker was keen to reward those repeat Civic owners there are legions of them with a truly new car bristling with advanced technology, safety features and high fashion.

07 Rear Tire Wear and TSB 08-001

Find More Posts by Demonis. TSB The very first one of the year. I really question that decision at this time. They took a look and addressed that it was due to the SB but would only offer to cover the warranty items but not the tires. The civc manager couldn’t so he call the DSM. If you stick around, you’ll find all manner of things to learn about your CIvic.


Except the cars are pretty much built at the same place, using the same gsb. I bought a Honda because of their reputation for quality and service. You will probably have to escalate it to Honda to get it replaced as a goodwill out of warranty repair.

New TSB for Rear Camber Problem: (merged) – 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum

Send a private message to mishra. Let’s say the “C” doesn’t have to be there for the arms to be correct, do the rear upper control arm part numbers need to be SNA-A00 as specified in the TSB in order to be correct? I signed something for the HondaCare warranty to take care of the costs. Try finding yet another dealer. By the way, I was blacklisted by the dealer that originally sold the HCH to me because I complained too much about the car having a Hybrid System failure with only miles on it.

I’ve had better luck with GM and Ford than this. First I went to the dealer to see if they could do anything for me. I see mention of a TSB.

The Internet has been abuzz with complaints about uneven and rapidly wearing tires on the Civic. After they had the car on the rack I was informed the front tires were really as bad as the rear and needed to get them replaced also I was shown the tires and believe me I didn’t question the decision at all.


Not all Si owners are worried about the best handling possible. Originally Posted by liquidr1 Damn, why the hell does this bulletin not cover the Si. I am at about 28K miles. The service attendant first asked the mileage, which I told him It is now winter, and noise, vibrations, and wear aside I’m going to call HOA again to see what they can do for divic.

New TSB for Rear Camber Problem: (merged) – Page 6 – 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum

Is this bulletin saying the negative camber is not supposed to be? The car is at 37k miles, an Last edited by Barbeque; at For recommended service, Honda tells its civci to install a rear upper control arm kit, replace the flange bolts and the worn tires and do a 4-wheel alignment. So I am a science experiment now.

The service manager again informs me that I need an allignment to correct this, and states I must have hit a pot hole. Find More Posts by Caveman Good thing i went in there for new tires and 080-01 install my skunk 2 camber arms.

Originally Posted by udumkid.