Hazrat Talha bin Ubaidullah followed Hazrat Uthman’s tracks by embracing Islam . He went on a journey for the purpose of trade. While he was at the Busra fair. Hz. Talha bin Ubaydullah, who was praised and complemented by Allah and His When Hazrat Abu Bakr sprinkled some water on his face, Hazrat Talha came. By Kamran Shahid Ansari / 20 Mar Talha Ibn Obaidullah (may Allah be pleased with him) was one of the early reverts to Islam and among the ten blessed.

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O Messenger of Allah! Talhah told the man that he had just sold a piece of land to ‘Uthman ibn Affan for several thousand dirhams. He liked to wear saffron-dyed clothes and musk. Thereafter, the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallamsaid, “Whoever would like to see a man still walking on earth who has completed his span of lifelet him look at Talhah ibn Ubaydullah.

He then renewed his attack and successfully repulsed the enemy. Alee provided well for her journey giving her all the comfort and honour due to her.

Talha bin Ubaydullah (r.a.)

This continued until everyone who stood by the Prophet was martyred except Talhah. His brother, who was a polytheist, was one of the leading people who put pressure on him. The shared experience no doubt drew Talhah and Abu Bakr closer together! Ubaidullay to take part in a business mission in Mecca. Then Allah would be angry on their account and Rabi’ah would be finished. He gave most of his wealth to the Messenger of Allah to use for the army of jihad and said.


The Prophet remained silent.

Talha Ibn Obaidullah (ra) |

Perhaps you may be required to do something for the Prophet during the night. He protected Muhammad’s face from an arrow by taking the shot in his own hand, as a result of which two of his fingers were paralysed. By midnight he distributed everything he had and finally slept well with a light heart. He was in Basra for trade when he heard from a priest that Hz. Where can I get something for the walimah marriage feastO Prophet of God? He gained the unique reputation among Muslims of being ‘ the living martyr ‘.

Nevertheless, in these difficult circumstances, martyrdom was reserved for them.

Talha bin Ubaidullah

But the dark forces at work against Islam, and how numerous they were, were determined that matters should come to a terrible and bloody end. He made jihad with both his sword and his property.

Both of them were waiting to enter Paradise. He promised that he would die but would not leave the Prophet. The Prophet then gave me a piece of land near Abu Bakr’s.

However, the Prophet did not allow him. So, it occurred to me to ask the Prophet for some worldly good that would save me from poverty and make me like others who had wealth, wife and children. A Piece of You And when my eyes beheld the Messenger of God, for the first time, I loved him with a love that possessed my entire being.


Why don’t you put yourself completely in ubwidullah service of the Messenger of God, peace be on him. He would thank for the smallest favor. On his return to Madina he became upset with the opportunity he missed to fight alongside the Messenger of Allah. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But they paid for that withdrawal with their lives.

He was killed by the munafiqs.

He joined the Muslims. Nobody from the Taym clan came to help.

He is described as a dark-skinned man with a lot of wavy hair, a handsome face and a narrow nose. You are really marvellous, the daughter of a marvellous bazrat said Talhah to his wife. After a while, Hz. He reported that one day he was making saee running between Safa and Marwa and then there appeared a crowd pushing and shoving a young man with his hands tied at the back.

A Companion from Ansar stood up and started to fight.