Harold W. Hoehner Daniel B. Wallace. Harold Hoehner, Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas. Theological Seminary. Since its introduction in the early nineteen-seventies Harold Hoehner’s Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ (Dallas Theological Seminary , Harold W. Hoehner, PhD, ThD () Legacy Professor​. Education: Cambridge University, PhD; Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM and ThD; Barrington.

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What are Julian Day numbers? Back cover copy “In his introduction to this wholly admirable and comprehensive commentary, Hoehner enters a vigorous defense of Paul as author of Ephesians.

Hoehner spells out his difference in the following:. When calculated this way the result is precisely the number of days between Nisan 1, B. As predicted in Zechariah 9: Account Options Sign in. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen “This is quite simply harols most massive and meticulously detailed commentary on Ephesians to date–with the strongest defense of the case that the author was truly Paul and that the letter was indeed written to Ephesus.

This leaves only 25 days to be accounted for between B. The cursing of the fig tree and the cleansing of hqrold temple. Occurred the day before the cursing of the fig tree and the cleansing of the temple Mk.

Ephesians : An Exegetical Commentary

Truly no stone left unturned. The result of a calculation cannot be more specific than the data; in this case the result cannot be more specific than a whole year.

Hodges Harold Hoehner Harry A.

By multiplying by He interacts hafold with the latest scholarship and provides a fair and thorough discussion of every disputed point in the book.

By adding the 25 days to Nisan 1 or March 5 of B. Wood, published in Journal of Near Eastern Studies. Hoehner’s interaction with the latest scholarship combined hofhner his detailed exegesis will make this new commentary the only resource they will need to consult. Sunday, March 29, A. It never has occurred in the fall. The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem Jn.


The difficulty is that, as he himself acknowledges, he is using Julian dates. The careful considerations of each exegetical possibility make this a work that will be indispensable for all serious students of Ephesians.

The prophetic data is given in integers.

hatold We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Nisan 1, B. Hoehner Baker Academic- Religion – pages 7 Reviews https: Institute for Christian Economics, Since the accession-year system was used 79 the first year hrold Artaxerxes’ reign according to the Hoehnwr Nisan-to-Nisan reckoning would be Nisan to Nisan and according to the Jewish Tishri-to-Tishri reckoning would be Tishri to Tishri He first multiplied years by days per year to arrive atdays, roughly the number of days in years.

Since getting the book, I’ve found much of his class material richly Despite the wealth of information and discussion, the material is presented with clarity and simplicity. These notes are lucid and full and will be a mine of information for students and scholars.

Dr. Harold Hoehner’s Refinements of Anderson’s Theory: Are They Sound?

Thus, using today’s too-early Jewish calendar projected back to BC, we end up with a date for Nisan 1 a whole month later than the date postulated by Hoehner. But the difficulty we will consider in this section disqualifies Hoehner’s view from further consideration. The date of this decree is given in the biblical record.

Selected pages Title Page. Daytime trial, crucifixion, burial. If conditions were perfect on the evening of April 18, 33 AD, the crescent could have been seen and Nisan could have commenced on April 19, making Tuesday, April 28 indeed Nisan That the Triumphal Entry took place on Sunday is well attested from the Gospel of Mark see the discussion further along in this paper.


The Dallas Morning News. It is only the result i. Virtually every textual, lexical, grammatical-semantic, and historical issue has been scrutinized and is informed by a comprehensive coverage of the vast relevant primary and secondary literature. How do we know this?

This critical error advances the remainder of the week, through Wednesday, by one day. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Hoehner has questioned the starting and ending times put forth by Anderson. Hoehner then delves into the text of Ephesians verse by verse, offering the Greek text, English translation, and detailed commentary.

MoonCalc says that March 30 was indeed the tenth day of the lunar month, as long as weather conditions did not delay the sighting of the new crescent. Such years must on average be It therefore behooves us, if at all possible, to make our calculations of Daniel’s 70 weeks align with actual sabbatical cycles.

Jude and 2 Peter Gene L. Jesus arrived at Bethany and ate a meal with Lazarus and others; he was anointed by Mary; many Jews gathered to see him.

This makes one immediately suspect. Parker and Waldo H. Today’s rabbinical Jewish calendar is widely recognized as sometimes having Nisan 1 fall earlier in the year than it did in Old Testament times and the time of Christ.