The Greada Treaty was signed by then President Elect Dwight Eisenhower. According to the testimonies examined so far, the February It is February 20, President Dwight David Eisenhower is on a quickly called for and arranged mini-vacation to Palm Springs, California. The rumored treaty was named The Greada Treaty and apparently allowed the US to gain advanced UFO technologies in exchange for.

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Go out to the front of the hospital and take a look.

Although all members of this meeting were sworn to secrecy. Significantly, a number of whistleblowers argue that the treaty that was signed involved trexty compulsion on the part of the extraterrestrials. It was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to the Majesty Twelve and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned.


The police took Valiant Thor to the Pentagon where he met with the secretary of defense, and later with Eisenhower, Nixon, and all the joint chiefs.

This led to the development of electrogravitic propulsion used for the amazing hypersonic atmospheric speeds achieved by the Nazis. We live on the verge of a bold new future with many uncertainties over the secrecy surrounding the extraterrestrial presence, what best prepares us as this information enters into the public arena are our faith, democratic values, and dedication to truth. There are a number of other sources alleging an extraterrestrial meeting at Edwards Air force base that corresponded to a formal First Contact event.

Eisenhower would reveal details of the threat posed by the military-industrial complex to Kennedy, that Eisenhower could only generally describe in his farewell speech warning.

The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer.

The rainbow bridge will take you to Asgard which is the golden hour rgeada sunset you can find it. Before his passing in he disclosed some of the key details of the UFO landing incident:. It’s a control issue. He, and they, would have known, without hesitation, the president could make any treaty with whomever he wished; however, that treaty had to be discussed, analyzed, and agreed upon by two-thirds of the United States Senate.

There was a group that looked exactly like we do. You are commenting using your WordPress. That’s where UFOs are coming from, tteaty.


154 I have no words to express my reactions. ByS-4 accommodated four captured Nazi flying saucers along with three extraterrestrial treaaty. That group, as we now know, was MJ Given the intensity of the Cold War, the national security officials present may well have decided it was more prudent to seek better terms before agreeing to the extraterrestrials request.

Unfortunately, the planned May disclosure never happened. It was first believed that they were asteroids.

Research Study 8: Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials

Due to the official secrecy policy adopted towards the extraterrestrial presence, it may be concluded that some if not most of the controversy surrounding these individuals has been caused by military-intelligence agencies intent on discrediting whistleblower or witness testimonies.

If disinformation and official denials on this topic are a form of psyco warfare. The grey’s wanted to abduct humans to experiment on and try to save their dying race.

Historical researcher Jim Marrs explains: Wolf has described the Greys as having positive motivations in regard to their presence on Earth, but have been inhibited and targeted by rogue elements in the US military. All of this Eisenhower stuff started because of a letter written by a member of the Aetherius cult named Gerald Light. Such an alliance had to be covert, due to the infiltration of the military industrial complex by Nazi Breakaway groups and their Reptilian allies, which had occurred as a result of formal agreements between the Nazi-Reptilians and the Eisenhower administration, beginning at Holloman Air Force Base in February Hopkins speculated that there was something important to these beings greaada certain genetic DNA lines.

All of these movies help to seed concepts into 194 public’s imagination regarding the advanced concepts and possibilities of extraterrestrial life. This would help explain why President Kennedy decided to keep Dulles, knowing full well about his connections to the Fourth Reichand that he was also the head of the Majestic 12 MJ Special Studies Group — the secret committee appointed to steer U.

He was my father and I can tell you he lived in fear of something happening because of information he knew about the case. While issues of credibility, credentials, disinformation are important in the study of the extraterrestrial presence, a rigorous methodology for dealing with the efforts of military-intelligence agencies to discredit, intimidate or create controversy around particular witnesses, has yet to be developed.

Thank you bluesbaby for your truth and wisdom. It shows that the most secretive information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology was no longer under direct Presidential oversight, as it had been during the Truman administration.


He claims he received prior notification of an impending visit by Eisenhower in February This subreddit is specifically for the discussion of UFOs. For technology exchange, the deal provided a top secret operations facility at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada otherwise known as the Area 51 S-4 facility as well as another undisclosed area in the Southwest—presumably underground near Dulce, New Mexico.

I’m just treayy patsy! I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and treatu the American people.

It was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to the Majesty Twelve and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned. Email Address never made public. I apologized for grada in on them. And, as I understand it from the written documentation, we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research.


Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden. The meeting was described at length in a letter to a leading metaphysical teacher at the time, Mead Layne in a letter. Greadw became the unofficial capital of a breakaway German civilization based in Antarctica, and it is claimed that there is a hidden tunnel system from there to Antarctica. Interrogative post titles in which the OP does not proffer their own opinion are tantamount to trolling and subject to removal as well.

And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of freada conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: Michael Salla, Tompkins confirms it was an Antarctica based Nazi spacecraft that met with President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB who essentially accepted defeat, as there was really nothing he could do about it, so they negotiated a surrender.