GLPI is a free IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk system. This open . “GLPI est un outil d’inventaire de parc informatique et de Helpdesk, lancé en et porté par Julien Dombre, Jean-Mathieu Doléans et Bazile. The issue tracking and helpdesk features can be found under the Assistance section of the top menu. The first one is simply called “tracking” functions, but. GLPI is a free and open-source web-based help desk application that allows you to create, track trouble tickets and work orders. It also allows.

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How to install GLPI(Helpdesk and asset Management Software) – Techbast

Query OK0 rows affected 0. Simple and very useful has helped me to keep my activities organized. If you still want a help documentation, i suggest you to read the Official wiki page. Please fill helpdwsk the following fields to share the details of your proposed solution Step 1: Managing the rules of affectations.

Note that the actual name of the file will change depending upon what version of GLPI you have downloaded — be sure glpj use the correct file name. GLPi can be use from small to very large organizations. Preliminary configuration tips and best practices. This is a great tool combining if you wish IT inventory and Helpdesk. Find Out More Start Trial. What they are delivering: This way, contributors can participate in the development of the software by committing free and open source supplementary modules on GitHub.


The second module is the helpdesk for the follow-up of the interventions, allows the administrators and the support staff to link the interventions made to the users and equipment, and can obtain a complete history of maintenance.

I can not forget to mention that the free software that leads to zero installation costs among the many that I have tried GLPI has always been my favorite. Something went wrong, please check your internet connection and try again This form can be loaded up by any user. License tracking and software auditing with GLPI. In particular I use it in the company with various purposes, from incident management to project monitoring and hardware control of our network.

Tickets can be assigned to technicians working within the same company or external ones service contract. Tickets can be added both retroactively meaning historical, just for archiving purposes or as new ones. How do you feel about the new design? Assessments Smile Visitors 5 Opinion. Do you give us your consent to do so for your previous and future visits? Using GLPI to track and manage inventory assets. I have used GLPI for asset management and case support management.

However i have listed them below for the sake of clarity. Fortunately you can contact a Teclib’ partner and they will support, migrate or enhance the application regarding your needs.


The graphic interface is currently very well developed and has improved a lot over time. The community keeps this package updated, and hence the value of being supported in open source. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

You can associate users, groups, companies, Assets, contacts. Implementing the Registry query function. The Zen of Agent Deployment.

I have used it a couple of years to manage an academic research laboratory in a public University, but migrated to another solution because usability drawbacks and old-fashioned interface. Rating and details – Please fill out all the the notes.

How to install GLPI(Helpdesk and asset Management Software)

All about ITIL and a great community providing support, complements that improve the experience as much as user level as administrator. You would like to propose a solution that is not yet on the Open Source Guide? Select an element hellpdesk the page. Secondly, Partners would financially support the association, in order to ensure the necessary software development.

Information Technology and Services, employees. Solving administration console-based issues. Helpdesk and issue tracking functions of GLPI.