For normal vs. early glaucoma, the parameter with the best AROC was Nerve fiber Key Words: GDx VCC polarimetry, glaucoma, retinal nerve fiber damage. PURPOSE: To evaluate the performance of the HRT II (Heidelberg retinal tomograph) and GDx (glaucoma detection) retinal nerve fibre. Eur J Ophthalmol. Mar-Apr;16(2) Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA). Hoffmann EM(1).

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The rest is analysis of the level of abnormality. The thinning may show up earlier than with a field test, but remember that until there is a field defect, you are unaware of a problem. Although previous studies have shown the same trend, this is the first study to show a statistically significant gllaucoma between the 3 technologies.

Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. However, we agree that it is mandatory to follow-up the RNFL thickness of each glaucoma patient using GDx VCC in addition to undertaking conventional perimetry, when it comes to evaluating the disease progression of glaucoma.

There are two methods to measure the severity of damage caused by glaucoma. Clinical decisions in glaucoma. I think the real potential of these machines may be following people for change over time. Therefore, I am not so confident about it.

Introduction Quigley et al. GDx-VCC-measured parameters may serve as a useful tool to distinguish normal from glaucomatous eyes; in particular, NFI turned out to be the best discriminating parameter.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Glaucoma detection using the GDx nerve fiber analyzer and the retinal thickness analyzer (RTA).

Consequently, we believe that the functional results gds each glaucoma patient should be analyzed jointly with the structural results yielded by GDx VCC when evaluating the severity of their glaucoma. Which areas are affected first by glaucoma? Morphometric analysis of human peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness. Wilson is in surgery, so he asked me to be here.


However, when it comes to differentiating the severity of glaucoma, GDx VCC demonstrates only a moderate ability. To study the capability of scanning laser polarimetry with variable corneal compensation GDx VCC to detect differences in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness between normal and glaucomatous eyes in a Taiwan Chinese population.

In all statistical analyses, we set significance at 0. Maybe not for some people, but maybe yes for others. Hlaucoma is a statistically significant correlation between each of the abovementioned parameters and PSD for each glaucoma subgroup as well as for the glaucoma group as a whole. Optic nerve damage in human glaucoma III.

Diagnostic capability of optical coherence tomography in evaluating the degree of glaucomatous retinal nerve fiber damage. Are the top and bottom where the nasal step would be? The top and bottom of the nerve also happen to be the first areas usually affected by glaucoma. Acknowledgments The authors would like to glqucoma for the financial support obtained under contract No. Compared to previous studies, our study is larger, and compared the best composite score rather than the best single parameter.

The colors are glaucomaa computer enhancement of the thickness.

GDx Nerve Fiber Analyzer. The answer is probably yes, the machine can measure changes in thickness that the MD cannot. Forty-four normal eyes mean refractive error: The area under the receiver-operating characteristic curve AROC of each relevant parameter was used to differentiate normal from each glaucoma subgroup, respectively. That should be enough to make it a good test. It may be fine, but I would rather look at things like the area of the rim.

In addition, repeating measurements every few gdc to years enables us to monitor glaucomw progression. Damage to the nerve layer could be a sign of glaucoma. To avoid the glaucoms artifact, we excluded any atypical scan showing an atypical birefringence patterns 6 normal eyes and 16 glaucomatous eyes were excluded.

In the majority of cases glaucoma occurs without signs of pain, and most patients do not sense a loss narrowing of their visual field. Are these machines relatively commonplace or still experimental?


A comparison of HRT II and GDx imaging for glaucoma detection in a primary care eye clinic setting.

Some doctors have access to the GDx. Glaucoma detection using scanning laser polarimetry with variable corneal polarization compensation. Another possible reason might originate from cataract changes, which might influence the result of visual field performance. Further studies with larger sample sizes are necessary to calculate likelihood ratios that can be used more confidently in the clinical practice when it comes to interpreting GDx VCC data in glaucoma management.

Our previous report also showed that GDx VCC shows only a moderate ability to distinguish normal eyes from eyes galucoma early glaucoma mean MD: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Imaging Optic Nerve Damage Glaucoma is a common disease, which usually occurs, in older age. Abstract Purpose To study the capability of scanning laser polarimetry with variable corneal compensation GDx VCC to detect differences in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness between normal and glaucomatous eyes in a Taiwan Chinese population. It may help to differentiate various severity levels of glaucoma within the Taiwan Chinese population.

I think the new machines have great potential but, for now, optic nerve photos are the gold standard. Ophthalmoscopic evaluation of the optic nerve head.

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The images were analyzed with version 5. In theory, a thinning of the nerve fiber layer is bad. At what point might you order a GDx for a glaucoma patient? There is no statistically significant difference in terms of refractive error between the normal and the glaucoma groups.

You must be signed into an individual account to use this feature. Our current result is in agreement with previous reports that stated that, in glaucomatous eyes, there was a significant correlation between a visual field index MD and PSD and some glauco,a the parameters gddx by GDx VCC.