If used without parameters, ftype displays the file types that have open command strings =PerlScript ftype PerlScript= %1 %*. FTYPE FTYPE fileType FTYPE fileType= Key fileType: The type of file If you have multiple applications that use the same file extension, the ASSOC command. In computing, ftype is a command-line utility on Microsoft Windows which lists all Registry keys Registry. assoc; ftype; reg · regini · regsvr User environment. date · mode · path · set · setx · time · title · ver · whoami. File contents. comp · edit · edlin · fc · find.

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You can also enter.

file association – How do I get ftype & assoc to match Windows Explorer? – Super User

Run the following command: Now when I type the name of a py file in the command line, Wordpad opens it. I did a little testing on my Gtype 7 system with procmon. How come the association is working, but assoc and ftype are not aware of it? The “Open” action is defined by a zssoc that includes the fully qualified path to the executable file that is to carry out the action and any parameters that must be passed to the executable. I haven’t tried rebooting, however.

The most commonly added verb is the Open With family including OpenWithProgIDswhich add that little context sub-menu under “Open With” to give you possible alternatives. It is no longer possible to edit the registry to change this.


Change the association of. They were fttype separate or different hives.

Having the list can be convenient as a record of what programs are being used to open various files. Published the application and when trying to configure the content redirection options, only the. Problem When publishing XnView only a few extensions appear in the Access Management Console as available file types for this application.

Windows command line: assoc and ftype

To me and as i see to you as well the ftype and assoc command are useless. The openCommandString for the jpeg file type is: Ftypf Configuration 2 found this helpful Created: It can be quite a long list so it is best to redirect to a file or to pipe to the “more” command. As an example, the following procedure adds the file type. Applicable Products XenApp 5.

Double clicking on the file will open the file with this application. This is necessary because the full command for the open action requires the name of the file that is to be opened. What i do to change the default program for a given extension in a programatic way vs the standard and more simple way using explorer is modify this registry key.

ftype | Microsoft Docs

If I understand fttype, the key. Locally this changed correctly, the file types are now associated with XnView. But assoc and ftype in the command line still return the following: This tool is very useful for managing the relationship or association between file extensions and file types. Windows automatically put a deny ACL for the UserChoice key, so you need to find a way to remove that deny rule in order to get the write access.


Additionally, what Unsigned Ftupe Labs said is very important. Check the file type associations for. These entries are not for just Windows Explorer as has been suggested but are an addition source of user account file association overrides. Entering the bare command “ftype” will list all of the current file types that have the open command strings defined and the corresponding command string.

Gauthier 1 8 XnView is a graphics browser, viewer and converter and that basically can be dtype to open the majority of the image file types available.

If a particular file type is specified, then the command string for that file type will be displayed. NET, for example, and then right-click a. You can repeat the above for any other file types needed and the same concept applied to any application or file types. Open a Case Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues.

Depending on how you call a file will depend on what verb is used. Installed Presentation Server 4. Thankfully Christoph Kolbicz has reverse engineered the hashing algorithm and created a tool called SetUserFTA to set the file type association.