Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Everway – Character , , KB. file, Everway – Game Master Guide. Like the title says: It is my experience that Everway doesn’t work. If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the. Buy Everway Visionary Roleplaying: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Help me do something, as a player, with Drama resolution, since Karma is unhelpful. I made this thread for that discussion. Each Vision card depicts a fantastic scene of some sort and is eerway with a series of leading questions such as, “What does this person most enjoy?

What do you say to him?

I’ve read that Wizards used to withhold allocations of Magic cards from game everwwy unless they also took some amount of the hard-to-sell Everwayso the world is swimming in unwanted copies. I should note that my game Ganakagok resembles Everway in its reliance upon an oracular tarot for resolving actions, but Ganakagok has an explicit and extensive game-mechanic for awarding the right to interpret the card.

Neither is wholly effective by itself.

[Everway] doesn’t work

That’s how I chose to interpret the resolution for this specific moment. It’s also everawy particularly fragile one i. That is too perfect. Then I say how it ends and y’all have no say; the rules reserve that right to me.

eevrway This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat The last question is probably not interesting, because the answer is probably along the lines of “don’t be a dick”. Instead of “We attacked it and killed it,” the fight might become, “We attacked it, but our weapons had no effect on it, so we had to chain it down and throw it in the sea.

Everway – Wikipedia

Tweet’s adjudication terms are: But it’s easy to hack, I think. Understand that I am totally in love with the Fortune resolution mechanic, which almost-but-not-quite works and is at any rate beautiful and cool. I haven’t revisited Everway since that rg unproductive session over ten years ago, other than to read it and try to figure out how to do it right.


David Artman Posted By: The GM says what’s in the world around the characters. I mean, my God, you’d show up and play the fuck out of that game, wouldn’t you?

Equipment such as weaponry is handled completely abstractly, evwrway no specific rules for item cost, carrying capacity, or combat statistics. John Harper 3 Yeah, the GM said there was a crazy huge god-killing spear hanging in the throne room when the PCs were in there earlier.

[Everway] doesn’t work – Story Games

Like other works by Jonathan Tweetthe rules are very simple and flexible. The authors gave significant thought to anthropology by describing how the people of various spheres live, including many similarities across cultures. John Harper 4 If you don’t agree about the interpretation of a card, you discuss it like adults. Sign In or Register to comment. I’m happy to answer questions. So one of the things I’d do to update Everway is build in collaborative situation generation.

As the GM, I need to treat those chargen stories as big flag-complexes. To decide what happens, the GM considers the rules of Karma characters’ abilities, tactics, logicDrama the needs of the plot prg, and Fortune, the result of a card drawn from the Fortune Deck.

There was so much material in those, I never came close to using it all. You can definitely inject some dirty hippiness into that and share control of resolution. Players are to choose one or more Vision cards and base a backstory on them, and to have three Fortune cards representing a Virtue, Fault, and Fate a challenge they will face.

If, conversely, it’s meant to be a significant part of the encounter, a true obstacle, then the player has to put in the effort to overcome the monster. Is the PC just trying to hurt the demon? Y’all get to tell me how it’s set up and I have everwau say; the rules tell us y’all are right. Views Read Edit View history. Each character begins with twenty points to divide between four Element scores roughly equivalent to everrway for Strength FirePerception WaterIntelligence Air and Endurance Earth.


Karma making a decision based on character abilities, tactics, and the internal logic of a fictional situationDrama making a decision based on what moves the story alongand Fortune letting a randomizer — drawing a card in Everwaybut could also refer to rolling dice in other games — determine the outcome.

Although the Fortune Deck resembles and can be used as a fortune-telling device, Everway treats the Deck only as a storytelling device and an element of the everwaj setting. Time to try to maneuver it into falling into the magical vortex, or maybe go grab that weird looking spear you saw in the throne room, or How tough is the demon? It’s a roleplaying game, right?

At chargen, I asserted a few facts about my investigator into the fiction “SIZ 18”. If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the evegway of the hobby, I’d bet that Drama is used way more than the other two, probably put together. I’d say that the first step to running Everway in a fun and engaging way while still playing more-or-less by the rules-as-written would be to engage with the system on its own terms, rather than as a defective version everwa another game.

If so, why does that not suck? This is exactly right. Except we’re not comparing numbers, we’re playing fpg roleplaying game. I never thought of that. But a lot of people still accept the GM-controls-the-world, player-controls-the-character dichotomy as just how it is–even when that’s not exactly true–and it doesn’t surprise me that this early 90s game doesn’t challenge it.