Apgar Familiar Historia En el Dr Gabriel Smilkstein ¿Qué es el Apgar Familiar? Es un cuestionario de 5 preguntas ¿Para que sirve?. % em ansiedade. depressão e APGAR familiar. respectivamente. . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist, in .. Validación de la escala de Zung para depresión en universitarias de. 6 jan. J.C. Gil de MoraisValidade da prova “Apgar familiar” Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral. Lisboa (32) R. Paixão, R. OliveiraA Escala instrumental e expressiva do suporte social Smilkstein, Smilkstein, G. ().

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familixr In regards to the exploratory factorial analysis of the Family APGAR used with the elderly residing in the Northeast region of Brazil, after the extraction of the factors and rotation of the matrix of initial solution, to the orthogonal Varimax rotation, the results demonstrated that the scale was unifactorial, analogue to the results of the original validation study, as well as in the investigation that the smilkstsin analysis performed with Colombian young students 7 The total-element correlation and discrimination levels of the items were adequate.

An examination of theory and applications. Universidad de Manizales, Facultad de medicina, Centro de investigaciones.

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According to the content, each one of the 18 defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose was associated to one of the domains of the Family APGAR adaptation, partnership, growth, affection or resolve. Because each com pared group women and men has very large sample sizes, asymptotic normality in Student’s t-statistic was assumed, thanks to the application of the Limit Central Theorem proposed by Lindeberg-Levy Mayorga Alvarez,inding the following results:.

Pascarella and Terenzini mentioned four factors to be taken into account in the academic success or failure of university newly admitted students: The analysis of the validity of Family APGAR criterion, in this study, demonstrated to be satisfactory, which can be seen by the Pearson’s r correlation coefficient found: The results demonstrated a Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.

Despite being validated in a state of a distinct geographical region 8another new situation of administration requires a new psychometric analysis, as an instrument is not validated by its measurement, but by its application These apgat ,were significant at the 0,05 level. The reliability was tested through Cronbach’s alpha, the constructed validity was confirmed with an exploratory factorial analysis Varimax rotationand the validity of criterion was seen in the correlation between Family Fxmiliar and the defining characteristics of the nursing diagnoses of “Discontinue family processes”.

Literature demonstrates that it has been used with families with children, teenagers and elders 58 – Likewise, Campo et al. This practice should be considered favorable, as it allowed to visualize the psychometric edcala of the instrument in different circumstances found in other studies 710 To analyze the validity of the construct, there escalx an exploratory factorial analysis, using the technique of analysis of main components, with the orthogonal Varimax rotation.


The domains “adaptation”, “growth”, “affection” and “resolve” were not identified as factors in the matrix of correlations of exploratory factorial analysis, thus leading to believe that during the use of Family APGAR, specifically among elder respondents of Brazilian Northeast region, other elements of evaluation of the family functionality construct besides “partnership” were not properly contemplated by the mentioned instrument.

Then, injuries in family functionality can significantly interfere over the demands of elder’s health, with harmful effects over the person’s independence, smilksteon and quality of life 45.

Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

Adaptation, which involves the offered family resources when assistance is necessary; Partnership, ffamiliar the reciprocity in family communications and problem xmilkstein Growth, related to the availability of the family to the changes of roles and emotional development; Affection, which includes intimacy and emotional interactions in family context; and Resolve, associated to the decision, determination or resoluteness in a certain family unit 67.

In the analysis of criterion validity, there was the calculation of the correlation between the Family APGAR scores and the scores achieved in the instrument designed to evaluate the defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose “Discontinued family processes”. It consists of five affirma tions with a Likert response scale that ranges from never 0 to s,ilkstein 4. Likewise, this will also provide a higher level of safety regarding smjlkstein professional interventions aimed to the families, based on the information gathered with this instrument.

Recuperado el 15 de 05 dede http: Confidential levels of 0,85, 0, and 0, were observed for anxiety, depression and Family Apgar Scales, respectively. This measurement escals to identify risk factors that can condition the student to failure and to provide early attention, in order to increase the permanence of these students in the university and to mitigate desertion problems. Psychologia2 2 No significant differences were observed between students’ age groups.

The psychometric instruments used to determine levels of anxiety and depression were designed by Zung.

It is not suggested to modify the questionnaire proposed by Zung to measure anxiety, to be applied in Colombian population with the characteristics skilkstein above. La Paz20 1 Psichosomatics12 6 Another positive aspect to be considered was that both the alpha score in a total scale 0.

No statistically significant average differences were found in the variables of anxiety, depression and family Apgar between the age groups both in women and men, which is affirmed with a level of significance of 0, Again, the application of the statistical technique is appropriate because of ssmilkstein sample size which ensures that the statistic test Snedecor’s F follows an as ymptotically normal distribution Mayorga Alvarez, In general, the Anxiety, Depression and Family Apgar scales functioned adequately in UIS students, with the only variation of the Depression scale that finally consisted of 19 items.


The relatives sharing the same address were invited to provide previous faniliar regarding their cognition and mental state.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

Although adequate factor loads are shown in the factor analysis, the Cronbach’s Alpha between the dimensions was 0, 0, 0, and 0, which indicates that the resulting dimensions do not present an adequate internal consistency, thus maintaining the unifactorial smillstein originally proposed without item 6.

Once psychometric validity was verified, results were used to establish a escalw with clinical diagnoses obtained from general and specialized psychiatric consultation carried out by DBU. The instruments used were: The previous results allow concluding that the mentioned tests measure characteristics coherent with their theoretical deinition within the Familiag student population.

To know the functionality of families with elders from the perception of the elder himself is a relevant issue, as it permits to visualize the value this individual gives to his most elemental source of psychosocial support, permitting to evaluate in which level is the family capable to satisfactorily attend the elder’s caring demands 25 The value of Cronbach’s alpha had a different result when one of the items was suppressed, varying from 0.

They were visited, as well as the residence smilsktein the users of the Centers located up to nine blocks away from it, in a clockwise direction, to identify the homes of the elders.

It is suggested to continue with the validation of the measuring esczla that escla being used in the UIS Entrance Examination, and then carry out the study of the risk factors associated with the dropout and low academic performance problems of the students, with the purpose of proposing early correctives that promote their permanence in the university smilksteni the success in their careers. The Pearson Chi-square test for contingency tables was used to measure the independence between clinical diagnoses and their incidence per year.

However, to implement such interventions, it is suggested a simultaneous use of instruments that gather all dimensions to evaluate family functionality. For the elders, family is reported as the main responsible to support their social and health demands 12.

Arch Gen Psychiatry12,