The Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is managed by the Graduate School USA’s Pacific Islands Training Initiative, with funding assistance . ELDP graduation ceremonies were held on September 18, , at the East- West Center Conference Facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii. Nikolao Pula, Director of . ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ALL. Africa; Americas; Asia; Europe; North America.

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A Design and a Practice of ELDP Project — LMS, Podcasting, and English Presentation Class

Remember to walk softly and learn as much because this program reflects the wisdom of many over the years. The object of your love and burning desire will define why YOU want to be a leader. It reads, Some say a host of horsemen, others of infantry and others of ships, is the most beautiful thing on the dark earth but I say, it is what you love. Or is it because you want to advance in your career? View Newer News Items. Contact us How to join. Is it validation in the eyes of your peers and perhaps perceived enemies?

When you have that answer, always remember the Sermon on the Mount…. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to speak on behalf of the group. While such a project can be demanding, the purpose-driven, real-world nature of the task can be motivating for students.

Second message is a message of advice to the new ELDP participants.

Is it recognition you seek? For example, the vodcasting project mentioned in this paper could provide a platform for both English learners and educators to introduce and promote their communities, countries and cultures to the world at large. Congratulations for being accepted into the 2nd inaugural ELDP.


The ELDP module was conducted during the second term of a yearlong course, in which the first term was devoted to more traditional PowerPoint presentations that stressed public speaking skills, visual aids, and question-and-answer sessions. Both the full text and video of his speech is attached below. You are accepted because you are bright and you aspire to become a leader. The transformation of the design into the product, including manufacturing, coding, testing and validation. Lead your communities and lead them well.

View All Photos in Album. These same people formed the Council of Micronesia. Take a moment in your life to you really think about why you want to be a leader. All activities you involve yourself in will be but manifestations of what you want to achieve-who you want to become. I have only two short messages to share and one question to ask.

How To Reach Us?

Creating the ekdp the plans, drawings, and algorithms that describe what will be implemented. Our group today represents a new group trained to constantly improve those very same ideals of governments the first leaders created.

Using the implemented product to deliver the intended value, including maintaining, evolving and retiring the system. When you have that answer, trust me you, a desire will burn in you.

We have to be mindful of our financial resources and the management and accounting of those island resources. The Executive Leadership Development Program will begin accepting applications edlp early for the Class of Specifically, students created a podcast movie, or vodcast, which could be shared with others.


Why are YOU here? Go forth my fellows, be transformational leaders. Give them a reason to do well. When the modules of this program say, it intends to train future leaders who will take over positions of importance in their respective governments, that future-as envisioned by Stephen, Jason, Steve, Pat and the PITI team, the other exceptional and inspirational consultants, and the good people of OIA-that future, is down the road.

We have to continue that which our first leaders set out to accomplish with the tools learned and resources available. I am sure similar instances took place in American Samoa and Guam. Why do you want to be a leader? Those eld were about choosing the types of government under the democratic system. Is it because you want to change something that you believe is not working? We have learned through this program to understand who we are, our strengths and our weaknesses.

Almost 50 years ago inthe Dept of Interior gathered a similar group like ours. We have learned that we, as transformational leaders, must blend the eastern, the western, and the Oceania influences into our characters.

Ivan Alafonso Gives ELDP Class Speech | PITI-VITI Newsroom

Some excited, some gong-ho, some relaxed. That future may well be within 5 years from today, if not earlier. Give them a reason to do good.