Commission file number: Table 8 – Ecopetrol S.A. Production per Type of Crude Graph 6 – Map of Multipurpose Pipeline. Estimated Ultimate Recovery versus Net Pay by Well Type RPS has updated the mapping of oil initially in place (OIIP) for the field to a new total of 4, . New well locations and new well logs (LAS files) for the 29 vertical wells drilled Ecopetrol‟s field production will be sold in the pipeline together, the gross field. Note: Checking the box above will not relieve any registrant required to file reports .. Ecopetrol Transportation Company Limited, Ecopetrol Pipelines International .. Since we have no control over these types of foreign government regulations, they The map below indicates the location of our operations in Colombia.

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I looked at your Excel download function and examined your Excel spreadsheet. The pipeline was opened in Our most important heavy crude oil projects are:.

List of natural gas pipelines

We may be exposed to increases in interest rates, thereby increasing our financial costs. GAAP to our historical consolidated financial statements. Thus, tariffs were set by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in accordance with the criteria previously fole by Resolution oflatterly amended by Resolution of We may not be able to keep up with local demand and industrial commitments if demand outpaces the rate of new gas developments and discoveries.

Of the country’s total gross natural gas production, about half was reinjected to aid in enhanced oil recovery. We sell our crudes and refined products in various regions, such as the U.

Unassociated Document

Weighted average number of shares outstanding 2. In order to avoid double taxation, our subsidiaries usually distribute dividends from profits that have already been subject to income tax. We conduct exploration and production activities directly and through joint ventures with third parties. Additionally, if tupe do not deliver natural gas to supply our contract clients due to specific situations, such as cuts in operations or delays in the current expansion of transportation and other new projects, we kap be required to compensate our contract customers for our failure to supply natural gas.

We currently own 0. They may also request to undertake an environmental hearing so as to obtain information the project. Our subsidiaries are either directly owned by us or indirectly owned by us through one or more of our other subsidiaries.


This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. Useful and helpful data for my work.

Caño Limón–Coveñas pipeline

The responsibilities assigned to the CREG are:. Under association contracts, the exploratory risk is assumed entirely by Ecopetrol S. Drilling and exploration activities. In addition, a substantial share of our liquid pippeline are held in U. We currently have five industry-wide labor unions and seven company labor unions:.

Our refineries produce a full range of refined products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas LPGand heavy fuel oils, among others. Our business depends substantially on international prices for crude oil and refined products, and prices for these products are volatile.

Our exploration plan in Colombia is focused on exploration of existing production sites in close proximity, exploration of currently producing basins and exploration of frontier areas, including off-shore areas primarily operated by our business pipellne, which we believe have the potential for large findings.

Furthermore, the ANH is responsible for managing all the royalties paid by oil and gas producers in Colombia. The Ministry is also responsible for establishing the governmental policies and goals to ensure the reliability, stability and continuity for the production of liquid fuels, biofuels and others. References to our refined products transportation capacity refer to the capacity of pipelines that begin in the Galan and Cartagena station Barrancabermeja and Cartagena Refineries.

This contract was amended in Juneand pipelinee on June 30, Regulation Concerning Production and Prices. Investments in included 44 different projects, fike as re-conversion, upgrading, equipment replacement and environmental projects. Jurisdiction of incorporation or organization. Decree of and ofas amended by Decree ofrestructured the Ministry of Mines and Energy and gave it the responsibility to study industry problems and implement short- and long-term refining planning policies.

It is believed that the main reason behind the drop in prices is the imbalance between global supply and demand. Internal demand for natural gas has experienced strong growth during the last decade as a result of national campaigns for cleaner energy and more competitive tariffs for retail customers.

Ecopetol Region — The Northeastern region is comprised of two areas, one located in the north of Colombia along the Atlantic coast and the other located in the Piedemonte Llanero. Our operations may not be able to keep pace with the increasing demand for natural gas. According to Article of the Petroleum Code and Law 39 of added by Law 26 ofthe distribution of liquid fuels and their derivatives is considered a public utility.


For the year ended December 31. We believe this incident occurred as a result of creep movement caused by severe weather conditions in the area, causing the surrounding soil to exercise strong pressure on the pipeline and rupturing it.

Very well researched, clear and easy figures and graphs. Duringonshore drilling operations were started in five wells by Ecopetrol and its subsidiary Hocol S.

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, the right to develop and commercialize the existing crude oil and natural gas reserves in the Cupiagua and Cupiagua Sur fields reverted back to us. Table tye — World-Wide Umbrella Program. Certain of our future drilling activities may not be successful and, if unsuccessful, this failure could reduce the ratio at which we replace our reserves, which could have an adverse effect on our results of operations and financial condition.

The additional agreement has a five year term. In order to implement this strategy, we have a Regional Studies team that manages our New Ventures and a Global Offshore team, which is responsible for ensuring the incorporation of contingent resources from the Caribbean Offshore in Colombia, the U.

As a result of this transaction, our ownership of Oleoducto Central S. Table 21 — Ecopetrol S. Inour international subsidiaries drilled three wells. Transportation services for crude oil provided to Ecopetrol S. We have made significant investments in acquisitions and we may not realize the expected value. According to the Decree – Law ofCREG is in charge of setting the prices of petroleum by-products throughout the ecopetro chain of production and distribution except for current gasoline engine, diesel and biofuels.

Exploration and Production Segment Results. Heightened risks and costs associated with deep water drilling may have a negative effect on our results of operations, financial condition and reputation.