Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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It is the plane upon which man, unless at an exceedingly early stage of his progress, spends by far the greater part of his time during the process of evolution; for, except in the case of the entirely undeveloped, the proportion of the physical life to the celestial is rarely much greater than one in twenty, and in the case of fairly good people it would sometimes fall as low as one in thirty.

These are evidently universal, and no shell which human power ladbeater make will check them or turn them aside. The course of the ordinary undeveloped man, who has practically no will of his own worth speaking of, may often be foreseen clearly enough, but when the ego boldly takes his future into his own hands, exact prevision becomes impossible.

Assuredly he has lost much by his disbelief. Yet this experience is so utterly unlike anything we know on the physical plane that in trying to put it into words one is troubled by a curious sense of helplessness — of absolute incapacity, not only to do it justice, for of that one resigns all hope from the very outset, but even to give any idea at all of it to those who have not themselves seen it.

If the friend who is loved is still alive he will of course be entirely unaware down here on the physical plane that his true self is enjoying this additional manifestation, but this in no way affects the fact that that manifestation is a more real one and contains a nearer approximation to his true self than this lower one, which is all that most of us can as yet see.

Nevertheless, a survey of this sub-plane distinctly emphasizes the necessity of following St Peter’s advice, ” Lewdbeater to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge. Of course the ordinary ignorant fanatic never reaches this level, but a few of the noblest cases, such as Livingstone, might be found here engaged in the congenial occupation of converting multitudes of people to the particular religion which they happened to advocate.

The Devachanic Plane

Very little experience of these higher planes is needed to alter fundamentally the student’s conception, of the change which takes place at death; he realizes immediately on the opening of his consciousness even in the astral, and still more in this mental world, that the fulness of true life is something which can never be known down here, and that when we leave this physical earth we are passing into that true life, not out of it.

And when we think of it this is reasonable enough, for the man who is capable of religious devotion as well as mere family affection is naturally likely to be endowed with a higher and broader development of the latter virtue than one whose mind is susceptible to influence in one direction only.

It may be remembered that this plane was called by the Greeks the sub-lunar world. From the perspective of anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner asserts that the Lower Devachan or the Heavenly World and Higher Devachan or the World of Reason are two “supersensible” realms, above the astral realmassociated with emotions and will impulserespectively.

There is ladbeater love which pours itself out upon its object, leadbeated for nothing in return — never even thinking of itself, but only of what it can do for the loved one; and such a feeling as this generates a spiritual force which cannot work [page 38] itself out except upon the mental plane.

If it be asked whether they can see the future clearly as the past, the answer must be in the negative, for that faculty belongs to a still higher plane, and though in this mental plane prevision is to a great extent possible to them, yet it is not perfect, because wherever in the web leadbetaer destiny the hand of the developed man comes in, his powerful will may introduce new threads, and change the pattern of the life to come.


Some were lovers who had died in the full strength of their affection, [page 45] and so were always occupied with the one person they loved to devacuanic entire exclusion of all others; others there were who had been almost savages, one example being a Malay, a very undeveloped man at the stage which we should technically describe as that of a low third-class pitri who obtained a slight experience of the heaven-life in connection with a daughter whom he had loved.

It is hoped, therefore, that this account, though it cannot be leadbeatter as complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes. The absence of one kind of force cannot prevent the action of the others.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

It is possible, I say; but it is not wise — unless, indeed, his Master stands beside him to draw him back at the right moment from its mighty embrace; for otherwise its irresistible force will carry him away onward and upward into still higher planes, whose far greater glories his ego is as yet unable to sustain; he will lose consciousness, and with no certainty as to when and where and how he will regain it. If the visitor be pure in heart and mind, and has reached a certain degree of spiritual development, it is possible for [page 19] him to identify his consciousness with the sweep of that wondrous wave — to merge his spirit in it, as it were, and let it bear him upward to its devahcanic.

For instance, an Irish peasant was seen absorbed in the deepest adoration of the Virgin Mary, whom he imaged as standing on the moon after the fashion of Titian’s ” Assumption,” but holding out her hands and speaking to him. One can also choose to become a Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy upon reaching the fourth level of initiation—then one’s entrance into Nirvana is delayed for millions, billions, or trillions of years until one has completed climbing the ladder of initiation by completing one’s tasks as a Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

In our endeavour to describe the inhabitants of the mental plane it will perhaps be well for us to divide them into the same three great classes chosen in the manual on the astral plane — the human, the non-human, and the artificial — though the sub-divisions leadeater naturally be less numerous in this case than leadveater that, since the products of man’s evil passions, which bulked so largely there, can find no place here.

Devachan – Wikipedia

Purity of life and purpose would be an absolute pre-requisite, and even when the plane was reached there would be nothing that could be called real consciousness, but simply a capacity for receiving certain impressions. Some Buddhists also are found upon this subdivision, but apparently exclusively those less instructed ones who regard the Buddha rather as an object of adoration than as a great teacher. Too often the colour is dulled by the intermixture of selfish feelings, when the blue is mixed with browns and thus loses its pure brilliancy.

One of the most striking of such cases which came under notice was that of a Mohammedan, who imagined himself as working most zealously at the conversion of the world, and its government according to the most approved principles of the faith of Islam.

The place of the mental plane in evolution — Dsvachanic of expression. He finds himself in the midst of what seems to him a whole universe of ever-changing light and devachanicc and sound, such as it has never entered into his loftiest dreams to imagine.

His idea had been that, if possessed of enormous wealth, he would buy up and get into his own hands the whole of one of the smaller trades — one in which perhaps three or four large firms only were now engaged ; and he thought that by so doing he could effect very large savings by doing away with competitive advertising and other wasteful forms ddvachanic trade rivalry, and thus be able, while supplying goods to the public at the same price as now, to pay much better wages to his workmen.


The Devachanic Plane

The kind of materialism referred to by Madame Blavatsky in the remarks above mentioned was therefore probably something much coarser and more aggressive than ordinary agnosticism — something which would render it exceedingly unlikely that a man who held it would have any qualities requiring a life on the mental plane in which to work themselves out. It will be seen that the blind unreasoning devotion of which we have been speaking does not at any time raise its votaries leadbbeater any great spiritual heights; but it must be remembered that in all cases they are entirely happy and most fully satisfied, for what they receive is always the highest which they are capable of appreciating.

Yet so difficult is it leadbeatdr express in words the conditions of this higher life that it would be a still better statement of the facts to say that all possible scenery exists there — that there is nothing conceivable of loveliness in earth or sky or sea which is not there with a fulness and intensity beyond all power of imagination; but that out of all this splendour-of living reality each man sees only that which he has within himself the power to see — that to which devafhanic development during the earth-life and the astral-life enables him to respond.

Naturally enough, he at first supposed the young man to be merely a figure in his dream; but upon receipt of a message from his old friend referring to matters which had occurred before the birth of the messenger, he was convinced of the reality of the plane upon which he found himself, and [page 57] became at once exceedingly eager to acquire all possible information about it. Not a difference, be it understood, that the mother could see; to her both appeared equally with her and equally all that she could possibly desire: On tracing this very interesting phenomenon to its source, plne was found that in one case the son had grown [page 49] up into an ordinary man of business — not specially evil in any way, but by no means spiritually-minded plaen while the other had become a man of high unselfish aspiration, and of considerable refinement and culture.

The Christian on this plane, for example, leeadbeater of merely adoring his Saviour, would think of himself as going out into the world to work for him. A short experience, probably, and of by no means an advanced type, but still of far greater importance than appears at first sight; for when once the great spiritual energy of unselfishness has been awakened, the very working-out of its results in the heaven-world gives it the tendency to repeat itself, and small in amount though this first outpouring may be, it yet builds into the soul a faint tinge of a leadneater which will certainly express itself again in the next life.

I can only repeat the pkane previously given in The Astral Plane that all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure accuracy. Devcahanic first impressions, then, of the pupil who enters this mental plane in full consciousness will probably be those of intense bliss, indescribable vitality, enormously increased power, and the perfect confidence which flows from these; and when leadbater makes use of his new sense to examine his surroundings, what does he see?