The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has finally crossed a major hurdle in its demutualization processes as President Muhammadu Buhari has. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or The Exchange) is pleased to announce that its members have approved the demutualisation scheme of the Exchange. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE or The Exchange) is pleased to announce that its members have approved the demutualisation.

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Unegbu said government must encourage local investors to invest in the market by creating the right environment. The bill was eventually passed into law by the Senate on December 22, and the House of Demutuwlisation on February 1, Demutualisation leads to lesser influence of trading members of the NSE on corporate decisions, as their board representation diminishes.

By Chinenye Anuforo and Chinwendu Obienyi.

How demutualisation of NSE ‘ll benefit investors – The Sun Nigeria

Nobody will hijack NSE, Onyiuke. For instance, cooperative societies are owned, run and exist solely for the benefits of their members. It was re-incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in December and has operated as such ever since.

Liquidity is not usually cited as a primary reason for demutualisation. The members thereafter voted unanimously in favour of the three prayers. Experts at different fora have argued that demutualising the exchange would widen the retail investor base and help to de-risk and detach the market from the apron string of foreign investors who exit the market at any slightest volatility.

The first stock exchange to break away from the norm was the Stockholm Stock Exchange in The challenge lies with the governing law dealing with corporate matters in Nigeria.


The Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE has finally crossed a major hurdle in its demutualization processes as President Muhammadu Buhari has finally signed the bill exchahge law that will transmute eemutualisation Lagos based bourse from a mutual association of exchange members to a limited liability company which is accountable to shareholders.

That context refers to the corporate governance framework in the country and how amenable it is to successful demutualisation. Similarly, they pointed out that with demutualisation, corporate governance would be well structured and investors would have more confidence to stake their fund in the excuange. A demutualised exchange may take the form of a public company listed on its own exchange like the Australian Stock Exchange or remain private like the Toronto Stock Exchange.

NSE demutualisation process reaches final stage – Vanguard News Nigeria

This is the Companies and Allied Matters Act The loss, amounting to In financial markets, these tensions cannot always be reconciled, as conflicts of interests are likely to arise.

To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. Analysts believe that the current size of the capital market constrains its role demuyualisation national economic development.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Demutualisation segregates ownership and management from the trading rights of the members of an exchange.

Demutualising an exchange therefore transforms it from being owned by members or brokers, to one with a different governance structure where members of the public can buy excahnge. Demutualisation then is the process by which a mutually-owned organisation transforms to a shareholder-owned entity.

NSE Demutualisation Crosses Major Hurdle As Buhari Signs Bill

As a business responding to competition from other exchanges, there is an ever present need to stay ahead of the game on the technological front. Currently, not less than four million Nigerians participate in the capital market just as less than 30 per cent of listed equities are actively traded in the market.


Innovation in exchabge and data processing niferian hold a strong appeal to investors who now understand that data is king. In Nigeria, efforts to demutualize the Exchange achieved milestone following the appointment of a consortium of financial, legal and tax advisers on the demutualization initiative. Follow us on social media: However, we are concerned with the context in which demutualisation occurs in Nigeria.

Basically, it refers to the conversion of a non-profit, mutually owned company to a for-profit entity limited by shares. It should therefore come as no surprise that changes in the structure of stock exchanges have coincided with periods of greater technological upheaval.

On the competitive front, the NSE would be run as an efficient business enterprise.

NSE demutualisation process reaches final stage

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. He, however, attributed the development to heightening political tension, insecurity from herdsmen dxchange economic demutualisstion from the delay in budget implementation. Technological advancement in the financial world over the last two decades, has significantly increased competition among stock exchanges globally and this competition has pressured many exchanges to adopt business models, which have greatly improved their efficiencies and effectiveness.

Doing Business in Nigeria. As at March 7,it has listed companies with a total market capitalization of about N8.