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The first of the four stories, A Contract With God, is my favorite, but the book in its entirety is revolutionary. The writing is sensitive, empathetic, and poetically simple. English Choose a language for shopping.

A Contract With God

The characters are caricatures of lives from Eisner’s past, and while it is a primarily Jewish neighborhood, I think anyone with a brain and heart pumping blood, etc can identify with the scenese painted here. Women seek out rich men, or resign themselves to marrying men that are not so rich to escape exploitation by relatives being turned into virtual slaves helping in the relatives’ household.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Paperbackpages. Some people find cintrato in times of hardship. I think the mere idea of a contract with God is intriguing.

These are not just stories, but slices of someone’s lives and hence needed to be dealt with care, all of it done with ease by Eisner. Yet, the stories are extremely powerful. The book is wonderfully drawn – obviously, Mr.

Quando il protagonista Frimme Hersh, un ebreo devoto, patisce un lutto devastante, deve trovare una risposta alla domanda: So far, the course is terrible, but this book was intriguing.

When he wrote “A Contract with God” he must have felt he had nothing to lose in skewering the social scene of his youth – perhaps this was his payback for the misery of his childhood.

The book presents a selection of four stories, which are interconnected and based on a fictional tenement situated vom 55 Dropsie Avenuethe Bronx, New York and narrates the personal and intimate memories that the author have about a bunch of characters from his past. There’s a shocking amount of meanness and ugliness in these contrati and misanthropy and anti-Semitism and adultery and spousal abuse and rape—and very little of it is remotely punished, which I found totally unnerving.

The book just didn’t jive at all with the image I’d been handed about its game-changing-ness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Return to Book Page. I’m not quite sure what I just read.


There are few likable characters, and most characters’ flaws and contradictions are painfully exposed – usually leading to some comeuppance or hubris denouement.

Unlike most comics, this one let the eye flow nicely over the page so it was almost like a film unfolding before you. Tough situation then, to find oneself to gushingly enamored. Feus me give an example. By the 30s low paid deys employees, laborers and their families thrived in these tenements, which became home to a whole first generation of Americans born to their foreign parents.

A Contract with God by Will Eisner is a master class in comics. I had not heard of Will Eisner before and it was only in the Preface of this book did I realize that this book is considered albeit controversially one of the precursors of the modern graphic novel if coj is such a thing.

Contrato Con Deus: Will Eisner, Rinoceronte: : Books

I’m actually rather happy that I did. The story as a whole and in its parts takes us precisely where great novels should – into a truth beyond facts, reflecting our own lives just as it reflects Eisner’s. Clntrato I usually do not like violence, or to be shown violence in an in-your-face manner in a graphic novel, this aspect of the book was somewhat disturbing.

The title story is must clear cut, and heart breaking. I suppose by the time Eisner wrote and drew this book, which mocks so many “types” mercilessly, he probably did want to get a lifetime contato revulsion at much of humanity off his chest.

At that time the sequential art form and comic books were not considered seriously and was often ridiculed by expert artists.

A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner

Oferece-lhe comida, promessas e o seu corpo, que o homem es Um homem pio e virtuoso, de luto pela morte da filha adoptiva, rasga o contrato que firmara com o seu deus e dedica-se a prosperar. In a career that spanned nearly eight decades — from the dawn of the comic book to the advent of digital comics – Will Eisner was truly the ‘Father of the Graphic Novel’ and the ‘Orson Welles of Comics. There couldn’t possibly be any negative repercussions by the time he wrote the book, since the main characters were probably all dead by the time he wrote it, and the world he depicted had at any rate mostly vanished, as demographic change and the march of technology inevitably lead to the disintegration of the village-like Bronx tenement scene.

Will Eisner blend past and present to create an artwork based on realism in which he fuses together words and illustrations to give them a similarity to the world of dreams or memories.


I mean, the stories take place in the twenties and thirties, of course, but it felt like could have been written last year. Some appear to be caricatures of evil qualities, such as the gold-digging girls attracted to any man who seems to have money, the man of modest means who tries to pass himself off as a rich man to attract a rich girl. Eisner certainly had the secret of youth in a way – his work remained fresh and new, even as he aged.

Some people do lose their fate when something really bad happens to them. Will Eisner’s legendary graphic novel one of the first of its kind is a semi-autobiographical collection of four sad, sometimes downright bleak and depressing stories centered around the residents of one tenement in the Bronx in or around ‘s. The overall effect is one of teeming, sick, humanity, probably as a result of not earning enough to escape tenement life, and having to live on top of each other in railroad apartments, with very few amenities such as adequate heat, no air conditioning, no laundry room, etc.

Ainsi, tous les moyens sont bons pour y parvenir: Indian readers who like the writings of Manto, should find this book interesting, I guess. In many pages the traditional box frames are not used; instead the full page is utilized in a manner to maximize the visual impact on the reader.

After she cries, “Benny, if you love me, nothing else matters! But I do know that ‘s A Contract With God is an incredibly important work in a way that many pieces of art struggle with—it has remained fresh and relevant for all these decades, and even I, as chick and a lit buff and a graphic novel neophyte, could relate to it, and be made devastated and furious by it, and appreciate it wholly.

They are told with so much candidness so that we can witness almost everything related to life with in these comic panels. How long did it take for the book to write and under what purpose?