View and Download CASIO XW-P1 user manual online. Performance synthesizer . XW-P1 Synthesizer pdf manual download. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Casio XW-P1 Electronic Keyboard User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. The interface isn’t the most intuitive and the manual definitely doesn’t help . The data editor helps to understand the functioning of the XW-P1.

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You combine tones and patterns to make a performance. I had no knowledge of synthesizers and music literally. Out of the box the XW may manula be the best for finding the ‘classic’ synth sounds, though make sure you check the PCM section first as there are many excellent sounds in there.

Copies step data and part Copy source part name parameter data. As for sequencing, a sequencer is just that. Just take it one step at a time.

XW-P1 Manual

Tones are a singles sound like piano, strings, brass. Using a Memory Card To delete a file from a memory To rename a file on a memory card card Insert the memory card into the card slot.

There used to be a dedicated webpage somewhere with mp3s of all the most famous synth “hooks” from the earliest to the latest, don’t know if it still exists-good place to listen and try to emulate each with programming-yes programming is the key. This group includes parameters for each of the zones Zone 1 through 4. With some tones, octaves do not change This is due to system limitations.

Then there’s the nice collection of bass sounds, many recreating the classic MiniMoog. Release Time Layer 1 to 6 individual page E Other Useful Functions Move a slider to adjust the setting of the part assigned to it. E-8 Using the Assignable Knobs But if I can’t find the tone I’m looking for on the presets I need to learn how to create it. Page 15 Learning to Play by Playing For Synthesizer Novices Play some notes on the keyboard, and as you do move the Use the left U and right I buttons to move the cursor sliders around.


Before trying to use the instrument, be sure to read the. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Select the tone you want to edit. Inputting Step Data by Playing on the This will display the master slider setting screen. If you want to learn more then buy the book I linked.

Don’t show me this message again. One other thing worth mentioning. Everyone agrees that the manual sucks. But in terms of presets, you will not find a current synthesizer with more than the Casio.


This manual is terrible. An effector that extracts early reflections from reverb. I was told this board was a very user friendly device but I beg to differ. They are excellent tools. In every keyboard you buy, there’s a learning curve – this should be expected. Working with about a hundred pushbuttons and a 80 character by 8 row LCD is a test of memory skill and hand eye coordination that would try the patience of Job but the results can be very rewarding if you are patient and dedicated enough to WORK for it and not xw–p1 instant gratification.

Specifies how virtual controller is applied. You can input note, velocity, and other step data by performing keyboard, pitch bend, and knob operations as you play.

  ASTM D4258 PDF

Format the memory card on the Synthesizer page with this Synthesizer. This setting is used in combination with the Arpeggio Key Range Lo setting to configure C-1 to G9 the keyboard range where the arpeggio function is enabled.

It is the perfect place to performing. Posted July 2, I too was hoping to recreate some great classic synth sounds from the hits, but this machine is very poor at doing that. Except for your own, personal use, any other use of the contents of this manual without the consent of CASIO is prohibited under copyright laws. E Other Useful Functions A XW-P1 is very difficult the first time.

The interface isn’t the most intuitive and the manual definitely doesn’t help other than to give xw-1 a brief overview the mono synth is much improved on the G1 for hands on tweaking howeverthough using the data editor makes it much easier when you start getting into the Hex Layers.

Typically used to modulate a wave’s envelope to give it a resonant or beat effect. Specifies the high keyboard range where the arpeggio function is ArpKeyRgHi enabled. Use internet and the Forum. LFO1 and Block 9: Use it when you want to protect the data on the card from accidental deletion. Oops-the track I meant was “Chest Fever” by the Band.