GM Andras Adorjan tells of the origins of his thesis — Black is OK. 84 Some Novelties 86 More Novelties 1 03 Lajos Portisch: BLACK IS OK if s(he) finds the right lines! 1 09 Statistics on Andras Adorjan’s Games 1 14 No Dogmas . Has anybody here ever read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is OK” (late 80s), “Black is Still Ok” (early ‘s), “Black is OK Forever” (), and his.

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That’s why you should never ask for whom the bell tolls. Farbror the Guru added it Jul 22, I’ve read two of the Chess Evolution books so far and they’re very enjoyable.

White wins Draw Black wins 3. So I skip down further, and see that 1.

Obviously I haven’t seen any of your games, but based on your description above it seems to me that if you’ve hit a plateau, you’re struggling with non-forcing play. Positional Play Grandmaster Preparation: So I look at the sample on Amazon, and the first one I got in 10 to 15 seconds, Who isn’t shackled by dogmas, beliefs, reflexes, routine? No trivia or quizzes yet. It doesn’t prove that the vaccine can be used expansively, only that this particular guy didn’t die.

Nov 8, 3. A lot has to do with the time I have at the moment, where I am, do I need to be at a place where I can lay out a 3-D board or is it a light enough read where my Kindle 2-D board is enough to absorb what I need, or do I even need a board at all, etc?


GrandMaster Square >>> Black is OK from GM Andras Adorjan

She was happy at the school, surrounded by children, more than anywhere else. Apr 30, Thanks for whatever input people are able to give. But it is still rather like someone vaccinating himself with BLACK pox, then with the serum he has invented, and surviving.

Not too bad, is it: It is all very nice that in my own practice playing with BLACK was rather a bliss than a burden, and that my results seem to support my thesis. In the beginning, however, even my best friends looked at this thesis with – how to say it – condescending cheerfulness, considering it a strange hobby-horse. So far so good, but if both players make good movesthey will inevitably reach an equal position.

Obviously you don’t have time to take the approach the book advertises in blitz. I had done a lot of writing before that anyway, from my teens on: Yeah, I read that, and it seemed like a half bio, half game collection of others, of Black wins, which is why I found it interesting, but didn’t know if there was a necessity to read the others, like if there was something unknown on the rest of the pages, like if there were tons of references to items from the other three books or if it could be read standalone.

Why, there’s nothing as certain on earth as change! And you are coming here only now?

Black Is OK, or the presumption of innocence in the Game of Chess

IMRonilm 7 min ago. Nov 8, 9.


So Newton did not discover anything new; he gave an original and correct interpretation of a well-known phenomenon. Perhaps this is what they call dynamic equilibrium, and this may well be the basis of the popular wisdom that once BLACK has equalised, he is already better.

Among other things, they come across my book called ‘BLACK Is OK’, and, as they can play chess it would be a funny piece of a galaxy with intelligent beings who can’t play chess, right?

It will completely change your entire approach to chess on each move when playing slow time controls over the board. I am currently working these four: He can surely have his draw if he does not set about it in a passive and cowardly way.

So, for example, aside from the Quality Chess Puzzle Book, right now, I’m reading the following 4 books:. And this company Quality Chess is like the pusher man, for me.

Paperbackpages. It depends on where the sun shines from, or which way the wind blows.

Please join us, after all: Therefore both the players and the fans know very well that it is not extremely important which side kicks off.