Atheism: A Very Short Introduction sets out to dispel the myths that surround atheism and show how a life without religious belief can be positive, meaningful, . Atheism: A Very Short Introduction. Julian Baggini. Abstract. Atheism is often considered to be a negative, dark, and pessimistic belief that is characterized by a. Julian Baggini. ATHEISM. A Very Short Introduction. OXFORD. UNIVERSITY PRESS atheists looking for a systematic defence and explanation of their position.

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Oxford University Press I would recommend this book to others for its intended purpose: The book presents an intellectual case for atheism that rests as much upon positive arguments for its truth as on negative arguments against religion. Arguments Against Theism in Philosophy of Religion. As such, my idea of the ‘New Atheist’ movement has been shaky to say the least. The other julin is that a life without God is a life without purpose.

Other books in this series. And, I had lustful thoughts. I looked at internet fox porn.

If you cant be sure, don’t have an opinion. History of Science and Technology. The reason I appreciate this particular aspect of Atheism: Paperbackpages. View all 4 comments. Criminology and Criminal Justice. It simply guides me and acts as a placeholder when making a firm decision on big questions seems a little premature.


It’s a succinct read so far, brings new insight of atheism to me. The next two chapters address two of the most common attacks on atheism that one hears from the religious. In addition Julian Baggini is a British philosopher and the author of several books about philosophy written for a general introductkon.

As an intellectual I find this kind of anti-intellectualism just a bit disgusting, but it is the source of one of the biggest problems with this book.

Faithful Revolution Tricia Colleen Bruce. One of the reasons that I’m a lifelong atheist is the typical lay argument for GOf.

The author is careful to not identify himself as a militant atheist. Despite not naming names like I just did, Baggini critiques this militancy regardless.

Atheism: A Very Short Introduction

Despite being a short book, Baggini develops great arguments for atheism that I can agree with at times and at least respect when I don’t.

Jul 17, Nicole rated it it was amazing. Very Short Introductions online. Find it on Scholar. This book also touches on fundamental philosophical issues such as meaning in life etc.


This was a thought provoking book and I enjoy being questioned on my beliefs in such shoet mature manner.

My only advice before reading this is to read up on philosophy, especially rationalism, humanism, naturalism, etc. Bxggini book presents an intellectual case for atheism that rests as much upon positive arguments for its truth as on negative arguments against religion.

Atheism: A Very Short Introduction – Julian Baggini – Google Books

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