ART OF COPPERSMITHING. A PRA C TIC A L TR EATlSE O N WO R KIN G S H EET. C O PPER IN TO A LL FO R M S. j O H N. F U L L E R,. S E. PU BLISHED . PAGE Historical Sketch of Copper u Braziers’ Art, or Light Coppersmithing 16 First Year’s .. 10; then close the whole up close ART OF COPPERSMITHING. Fio. Art Of Coppersmithing has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. Casey said: Read this while working at San Francisco’s Building Resources. The diagrams were cool and.

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The smaller sizes were from 9 to 12 inches in diameter and the larger from 13 to 20 inches.

Cut out the pattern, cramp, thin, and then work out the collar or ring on an anvil or table of the side stake; then braze the seam, finish the ring and wire. We are now ready to commence the spotting, which is done as follows: The next anxiety was to get a fire, which was made from a pile of cinders at hand in the corner of the forge. About this time the burring machine was introduced for turning the seat of the cover and a few other pur- poses, and for a wonder it was received without much opposition.

They are made hot enough so the gases evolved by the heat will just Ignite and no more, each piece going through the fire in succes- sion, when they are brushed off and examined. Next brush off the sawdust and with a clean, soft linen or cotton rag and clean whiting polish the inside ; then with another rag and a little crocus polish the outside and the job is com- plete.

Now work it up until the pan proper is 3 inches deep, and measures 11 inches across the brim, as in Fig. If copper stove-pipe is to be made it is usually browned and plan- ished.

To find the exact size of the inner circle to wrinkle from draw the semicircle ABC Fig. The wiring is made to go completely round the scoop, commenc- ing and finishing in the middle of the bridge.

Let us make and finish for one gallon tea kettles, a spout and the several kinds of handles. There is, however, little profit in coal scoops ; that is, in those ordinarily in use, for they were among the goods which were paid the least for, considering the labor necessary to produce them in such a maner as the purchaser desired.

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Clean the end of the rivet-shank with a file and knock down the rivet, finishing it in a pyramid form, as near octagon as possible.

Now, the outside case or pan of this cover at a, Fig.

Art of coppersmithing. ( edition) | Open Library

One day there was some pipe of different sizes to make, and after finishing the smallest, while at work forming up the larger sizes one of the smaller pipes was placed on the bar and the larger pipes formed over it.

We also ask that you: There has been nothing of importance occurring since the last edition to merit any great change in the scope of the book. While one is cooling the other can be prepared. Four gallons English contains By examination it may be seen that the measurements are nearly alike. The first year of drudgery glides slowly away, and as the end of the second year approaches the long, weary, damp and chilly nights of October and November come with it ; the heating-stoves of those who are compelled to use them are called into service, and with them comes a demand for stove-pipe, both iron and copper.

Art of Coppersmithing – Old World Distributors, Inc.

This is probably one of the best lessons in the trade for a boy or man either who desires to be fa- miliar with the art of measuring and converting surfaces into forms suited for the work in hand.

Full directions are gfiven in the article on mounting for the making of spouts and handles. We are now ready to form and put the scoop together. The swivel in the bail served to hang it by, where there was a bar in the chimney on which to hang the pot hook and rack, Fig. When the bridge, see Fig. If a hammer like this were to be provided, the sheets could be planished the first course before the work is cut out. It would seem that for thousands of years this ancient handicraft has been handed down from father to son, and even to-day many of the arts connected with special branches of brazing are as jealously guarded and kept secret with the craft as they were at the very dawn of its development.

They generally stood on the hob of the fire place, and as close to the fire as was convenient, this gave place to the hob boiler, when the kitchen range was introduced, which cut off much of the brazier’s work ; but they are still made and used occasionally in the rural districts of England.


Copper warming pans were once quite largely in demand, and kept men busy at work for. The Nautilus is next in rank, and is represented in Fig.

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I am a person who has a voracious interest in the innumerable tradecrafts that are fundamental to our human society. Tea-kettle rings, on or in which the cover sets, were made in two ways: Joan Bahur rated it liked it Apr 07, Then a line traced through the intersections thus established, as indicated by V W, will be the pattern joining the cone, as shown in the elevation from C to B. Next cut out the flap Fig. This was at last obviated by making the lag round, thus adding beauty to the pan andat the same time over- coming all danger of failure at this point.

Every boy knows that a half circle turned round and the ends joined will make a funnel. The pattern is coppersmjthing according to the method already shown in Fig.

Art Of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise On Working Sheet Copper Into All Forms

In the foot repre- sented at C, in Fig. Having arrived there in due coppersmithijg and admission gained, a light was the first thing in order, which was obtained from an old tinder-box with a brimstone match, the light being transferred to an old-fashioned whale-oil lamp Fig. It is then ready for tinning inside.

As shown in Fig. The work being of the same nature, a general description of them will avoid unnecessary repetition. Nov 17, Victoria Nelson marked it as to-read. Now turn the edge over for the wire, as shown in Fig. Preserving pans are made in the same way -as warming pans, described in the previous chapter.

Audrey added it Aug 06, Second, the top may be cut out flaring or conical, as shown in B, Fig. The progressive braziers were, how- ever, equal to the emergency, and turned their attention to the manu- facture of wrought iron goods, made in the same way and after the same fashion as the copper goods.