In “House of Stone,” Anthony Shadid recounts the year he devoted to restoring his great-grandfather’s home in the southern Lebanese town of. Anthony Shadid. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. “Evocative and beautifully written, House of Stone should be read by anyone who wishes . ‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid is a profound and poignant tale of fractured lives and a broken region.

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The Literature of Running by. Stores are indiscriminately destroyed. Courtesy Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

But the Vienna that never was is the grandest city ever. A good book makes you want to read more. I’m including these quotes from the New York times article about his death, because it shows through his poignant writing in this book: His reporting stonne without peer, however, and the consensus is that he gave Americans a view of the Arab world that they would not otherwise have had.

People are reminded of that every day here, where an older world, still visible on every corner, fails to hide its superior ways. Is it still a home when it has been abandoned during war? Shadid could scarcely tolerate the ordinary roughness of the harvest. After Iraq, he wound up, among other places, in Libya, where he was detained by Qaddafi’s security forces; after that, he was drawn to Syria, and that’s where he died.

‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid

Aug 14, David rated it it was ok. Sectarianism and nationalism, the dangerous kinds, reared their heads in spectacles of horror and cruelty. July’s Book 4 10 Aug 01, The imagined past is bittersweet.

It is houes to see how they could have ended up at a different stkne, whether the French came between or they were left alone to make their own decisions.


Faulkner, Nabokov, Denis Johnson and William Lychak are the only ones who have matched Anthony’s underline rate for me. As I read, I found myself falling into the rhythm of this book–the stumbling attempt to rebuild an old house, the current state of Lebanon and surrounding countries, and the history of the Levant and how the open, multicultural area became a political firestorm. And through in large part centered aroun It’s important to put a face on history.

War ends the values and traditions that produce such treasures. When it comes to the Antuony and Samara families, the barrage of names can be defeating to Americans.

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid | World Literature Today

I don’t agree with many many things that Israel does. Otherwise a house is simply a building. The house itself becomes a lens through which Shadid studies the often tragic history of his own extended family, of his ancestral homeland, and of a vanished empire which, in hindsight, turned out to be worth rather more than the sum of its parts. He actually concentrates on making a visual picture of the place, the people, the culture through stories and encounters.

Trivia About House of Stone: Shadid had another, starker motive for his new project: It’s also almost impossible to not share his palpable sadness at the culture that is being slowly destroyed in the area of his family’s ancestral home.

Shadid was a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and his posthumous memoir has been promoted on several TV shows and web sites. On the one hand, the writing is beautiful, the characters are compelling, you feel a real sense of love and admiration for this part of Lebanon and the Levant in general. Refresh and try again. Other Reviews in this Issue.

Anthony Shadid, Finding Peace In A ‘House Of Stone’

He was working at the Washington Post in when he took a yearlong leave to painstakingly reconstruct his great-grandfather’s abandoned home in the town of Marjayoun. Shadid is achingly unaware that life is available only in the present moment, and indeed frequently expresses guilt over recurring absences from his young daughter.


Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. So was famine, created by the British and French, who enforced a blockade of all Arab ports in the Mediterranean. Anthony Shadid returned oc his ancestral home in a Lebanese village, finding it in ruins as anfhony result of war and neglect. Gone are the reasons lurking in the past that might excuse your mistakes. The work on the house is always delayed.

After the Ottoman Empire, which was not a benign regime, fell at then end of the First World War, many Lebanese wanted to try self rule, but before long, stne fell into sectarian violence based on religious affiliation that continues to this day. I thought of my daughter, soon to arrive, walking up the steps from which her great-grandmother had departed, waiting to hear Raeefa’s songs.

Almost finished with the book, I became curious about what Shadid was doing now, so I googled him only to find that he died in February at the age of 43 from an asthema attack.

As I read it I thought it seemed like that was to replace his lack of building his own family and choosing his career. House of Stone is by no stretch of the imagination a great piece of literature. The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond.

It is beyond tragic he will not be able to inhabit this home.