Anthocleista nobilis. Family Name: LOGANIACEAE. Local Name: Wudifokete/ Bontodee. Uses As Per Literature: A root decoction is commonly taken to treat. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Pharmacological Screening of Anthocleista nobilis Root Bark | Pharmacological activities of the root bark of A. nobilis were. Anthocleista nobilis, Loganiaceae, Root Bark, Secoiri doid, Anthocleistol. The root bark of Anthocleista nobilis is used in Nige ria against liver diseases, malaria .

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Anthocleista nobilis is a lower canopy tree of tropical rainforest and semi-deciduous forest. The bark is obtained by slashing or peeling with a cutlass. In Senegal, Liberia and Ghana stem bark nobiliw powdered young green twigs are applied fresh or as a paste on wounds, abscesses or ulcerous wounds.

Br J Pharmacol ;5: Annan K, Dickson R. Int J Pharmacol ;7: The spiny logs are used in Liberia to make falling traps for animals. In Liberia a bark infusion is given to dogs with diarrhoea.


Toxicological screening of the ethanol root bark extracts of amthocleista Anthocleista species World Appl Sci J ; Chemotaxonomy and pharmacology of Gentianaceae.

There are 1 Wikipedia citations related to Anthocleista nobilis G. Res J Med Plant ; Antiviral effect of Anthocleista nobilis root extract on the biochemical indices of poultry fowls infected with New castle Disease Virus NDV. However, in West Africa it is often left standing near houses for medicinal purposes.

Anthocleista nobilis – Useful Tropical Plants

Citation in scholarly articles. It is common in forest clearings, up to m altitude. It was also aimed at investigating quantitatively the class of phytoconstituents present in the root and stem bark the plant. Antiestrogenic constituents of the Thai medicinal plants Capparis flavicans and Vitex glabrata. An alcoholic extract from the nobils bark has shown a hypoglycaemic effect. It possibly also occurs in Benin, Gabon and Congo.

Anthocleista nobilis

Medicinal plants from Gabon. Redrawn and adapted by Achmad Satiri Nurhaman. Czech J Food Sci ; Dried bark and roots are sold in local markets. J Biol Sci ;7: Phytochemical studies were done by the standard procedures.


Citation in web searches. Seeds obliquely ovoid-globose, 2—2. Don Gentianaceae is a plant used in the traditional management of diabetes. There are nobilos citations related to Anthocleista nobilis G.

BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. Anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of Sphaeranthus senegalensis.

Ann Biol Res ;3: Antioxidant principles from Bauhinia terapotensis. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Analgesic activity of Abelmoschus monihot extracts.

The roots are dug up when the soil is workable. Several Anthocleista species are used for similar medicinal purposes and other West African Anthocleista species may be used as substitutes for Anthocleista nobilis.

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