Click to purchase your very own map of Alagaësia prints! Christopher is delighted to make these prints available once again via his Etsy shop. Alagaësia prints, map of Alagaësia, Christopher Paolini Alagaësia map prints New Inheritance Cycle Giclées: Brisingr and the Map of Alagaësia! Matt Gaser . Map of Alagaesia Eragon Quotes, Inheritance Cycle, Fantasy Map, High Fantasy, Eragon Alagaesia Map from Eragon, Book One of the Inheritance Trilogy.

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A great many fantasy novels employ these tropes, and it all goes back to Tolkien If it was a continent, there would be other people on it, even if unmapped.

But it also keeps readers from getting confused in the story. Thanks for the support! For stories that take place on a smaller scale, a map may not be necessary. I can’t imagine whats beyond the sea west of Alagaesia but it might be some islands like the Canarians somewhere over there. I’m afraid pure speculation is not what we are looking for here.

I’m doing an alagaesai for class about Eragon. Tyler Moss is the managing editor of WD. As the tale continued to grow and he began to flirt with the idea of a series, expansion seemed natural.

But what is your support for this?

But if you find, as Paolini and Tolkien did, that the map is a worthwhile guide, explore it to whatever extent you find best nurtures your process. I’m off to bed. He drew it on an 8. But more than pure illustration, a map can be a plotted and deliberate literary device.


When wondering where a city is in relation to another, they can quickly flip to the map and acclimate. In writing his novels, Paolini took a great many ideas from established fantasy authors such as Tolkien.

How to Map Your Fantasy World

Here, Paolini shares some advice for how to get started charting your own fantasy map. It’s a continent, bounded by ocean on the west and more land on the east, much like Europe. The sheer size of them like Australia, for instancebecomes so large that ‘island’ simply doesn’t fit in common English usage, and continent has to be used instead.

I also agree with Richard. All continents are basically islands, because at some point, they are surrounded by an ocean. North and south, and more importantly east and west, of msp continent are all unknown territory. It may sound obvious, but the stature of your map depends heavily upon the breadth of the story you want to tell—which, initially, may not be as evident as you think.

Then what about the msp But then the story started to expand. It only shows part of the Look at your map and mwp I say this because the southwest slope of Africa and Alagaesia look very similar in this manner.

I would also venture to say that Alagaesia and Middle Earth exist in the same world. But over time, he realized the proportions were too confining. HengyuanZhang – You do it.

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Cities and towns, flora and fauna, physical features—all of these details will have an impact. This question came from our site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Eragon and Saphira fulfil the prophecy made by Angela in the first book and “leave Alagaesia for ever” to settle down in these unexplored lands far to the east.

As for the mountain ranges, he may have moved the Atlas mountains farther south for the Spine, and moved the Ahaggar mountains south for the Beor mountains. Those different habitats are also similarly placed. Questions are the basis of stories.

How to Map Your Fantasy World |

The author, Christopher Paolini, also may have derived some of the names from the countries and cities, like the name of the continent, Alagaesia, and the name of of one of the countries, Algeria. At its most basic, a map is an artistic accompaniment to a book.

I’m wondering about the setting. Would these plains make rich farmland? We know that this doesn’t count as Alagaesia, and that it’s mxp, because in the final book Eragon and Saphira fulfil the prophecy made by Angela in the first book and “leave Alagaesia for ever” to settle down in these unexplored lands far to the east.