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The Reorganized ACI 14 Code. – Are You Ready? Neal S. Anderson, P.E., S.E.. Staff Consultant. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Chicago, Illinois. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has pub- lished Building Code Requirements for Struc- tural Concrete (ACI ) and Commentary. /R ACI Building Code and Commentary. PREFACE. The code portion of this document covers the design and construction of structural concrete .

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Metal ties or spirals so designed shall be placed near not more than eight bar diameters from the point of bend.

The stress-strain relation for concrete is a straight line under service loads within the allowable working stresses. For negative moment, along the edges of the panel at the faces of the supporting beams.

Curvature friction — Friction resulting from bends or curves in the specified cable profile. Where the exterior supports provide only negligible restraint to the slab, the values of tx and t2 for the exterior panel shall be increased by at least 15 percent.

Full text of “ACI Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete”

Anchorage or development bond stress, u, shall be computed as the bar forces divided by the product of 2o times the em- bedment length. The value of c for the span where a bracket is used shall be taken as twice the distance from the center of the column to a point where the bracket is IV2 in. Auxiliary supports placed at intermediate locations Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Bending tightly around the longitudinal reinforcement through at least deg.

In such an analysis a reduced modulus of elasticity, not greater than one-third the value specified in Sectionshall be used in calcula- tions of deflections caused by sustained loads. Bars shall be spaced approximately uniformly across each panel strip, except: Stresses vary as the distance from the neutral axis except for deep beams Sec- tion Joints shall be detailed so as to allow sufficient tolerances for manufacture and erection of the members.

The span shall be considered as the center-to-center distance between supports or the clear span plus twice the thickness of slab, whichever value is the smaller.

The work of the Institute is made available to the engineering profession in the ACI Proceedings, published annually sinceand in a variety of separate publications.


For normal weight concrete, w may be considered as lb per cu ft. The term j is omitted in determination of nominal shear stress.

318-08: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

Elastic shortening of concrete 3. The spacing of the bars shall not exceed aaci times the thickness of the flange, nor in any case 18 in. The top surface shall be generally level. Where column faces are offset 3 in.

Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary

These friction losses shall be calcu- lated: The shear stresses at sections between the face of the support and the sec- tion a distance d therefrom shall not be considered critical. The piping and fittings shall be assembled by welding, braz- ing, solder-sweating, or other equally satisfactory method. No liquid, gas, or vapor which may be injurious or detri- Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on Consideration may be limited to combinations of dead load on all spans with full live load on two adjacent spans and with full live load on alternate spans.

A slab width between lines that are 1. Where the negative moment on one side of a support is less than 80 percent of that on the other side, the difference shall be distributed in proportion to the relative stiffnesses 318-100 the slabs.

Shrinkage of concrete 5. The Commentary is provided for this purpose.

Where a column is without a concrete capital, the dimension c shall be taken as that of the column in the direction considered. The testing pressure above atmos- pheric pressure shall be 50 percent in excess of the pressure to which the piping and fittings may be subjected but the minimum testing pressure shall be not less than psi above atmospheric pressure.

In structures in which it is normal practice to take into account creep, elastic deformation, shrinkage, and temperature, the effects of such items shall be considered on the same basis as the effects of dead load.

The overhanging portion of the flange of the beam shall not be considered as effective in computing the shear and diagonal tension resistance of T-beams. For sym- metrically reinforced members, the plastic centroid will correspond to the centroid of the cross section. The water content shall be the minimum necessary for proper placement but in no case more than 5y2 gal per sack.

Bars in a bundle shall terminate at different points with at least 40 bar diameters stagger unless all of the bars end in a support.


Wires used in making strands for post-tensioning shall be cold-drawn and either stress-relieved in the case of uncoated strands, or hot-dip gal- vanized in the case of galvanized strands. When the shear stress exceeds 3″V fc’, every such deg line shall be crossed by at least two lines of web reinforcement.

For symmetrical spiral columns: The strengths of any specimens cured on the job are intended to indicate the adequacy of protection and Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on For design purposes, any of the moments determined from Table f may be varied by not more than 10 percent, but the numerical sum of the positive and negative moments in a Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on ASTM Standards in Available soon, it will aid the design of structural members by ultimate strength methods compatible with the Building Code.

A middle strip one-half panel in width, symmetrical about panel center line and extending through the panel in the direction in which moments are considered.

Reinforcement with an area equal avi at least 0. Concrete—A mixture of portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggre- gate, and water. Pedestal—An upright compression member whose height does not exceed three times its average least lateral dimension. The Code also covers the strength evaluation of existing concrete structures.

A light oxide is permissible. Flanged sections in which the neutral axis falls outside the Generated for Mohamed Aly Abdel-razik Moustafa University of California, Berkeley on In a composite member fVc will be the resultant compressive stress at the centroid of the composite section, or at the junction of the web and flange when the centroid lies within the flange, due to both prestress and to the bending moments resisted by the precast member acting alone.

The test load shall be applied without shock to the structure and in a manner to avoid arching of the loading materials. Among the subjects covered are: Such analyses and test data shall be furnished by the contractor to the en- gineer. Items applying to working stress design only are indicated by italic page numbers These methods of design are to implement the pro- visions of Section