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Both data and clock lines remain HIGH. Chandler and Tempe, Arizona in July If a page write command. Thats why i seek for help to get it right Now, i did not know about the issue with DelayMicro when it is less than 3, I used 1 because most of the timings are about daasheet and i thought waiting for 1microsec would be enough. Self-timed write cycle including auto-erase. Data input setup time. During this period, the SDA pin will be in a. The device will power up in the Transmit-Only Mode.


You are a very knowledgeable programmer and while new to the forum, we hope you stick around and share your experience.

24LC21 Datasheet PDF

Printed in the USA. The clock source for the. Arizona Microchip Technology Ltd. This mode supports a two wire bi-direc. Output valid from V CLK. There is a separate.

24LCP Datasheet(PDF) – Microchip Technology

Then start testing your code. Input filter spike suppres. I 2 C is a trademark of Philips Corporation. I really do not know anything about i2c, this is the first time working with it, but the datasheet of the eeprom seemed to explain pretty much everything of the theory, but i somwhow fail in actual practice I am pretty sure that my approach is at some point faulty.

SDA line during the acknowledge clock pulse in such a. The 24LC21 can be switched into the Bi-Directional. In the Transmit-Only Mode, which only.

24LC21 datasheet, 24LC21 datasheets, manuals for 24LC21 electornic semiconductor part

But instead of generating a stop condi. Microchip Technology Beijing Office. The write control byte, word address and the datashset data. Don’t send me technical questions via Private Message.


V CLK low time. V CLK high time. See Figure for the flow diagram. No representation or warranty. V LCK must be grounded. The 24LC21 is available.

Bangalore,India. New Customer Notification System. Mountain View, CA There are three basic types.

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