Find your Mercury Mountaineer Owner Manuals and Warranties to learn all about your vehicle’s features, maintenance schedules, warranties and more. Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. HAYNES Ford Explorer/Mazda Navajo (), Mercury Mountaineer ( 01), Explorer Sport () & Sport Trac, () Info.

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Mercury Mountaineer Automotive Repair Manuals – Automotive Repair Manuals

Page Driving Once through water, always try the brakes. Page Roadside emergencies When one of the rear wheels is off the ground, the transmission alone will not prevent the vehicle from moving or slipping off the jack, even if the transmission is in P Park.

Do NOT release until step 4 has been completed. Speaker balance adjust Speaker sound distribution can be adjusted between the right and left speakers. Compression adjust Compression adjust brings soft and loud CD passages together for a more consistent listening level.

Page Roadside emergencies 4. Tighten the anchor according to specifications. Page 93 Programming 1. Page 73 Mute mode Press the control to mute the playing media. Seating and safety restraints All occupants of the vehicle, including the driver, should always properly wear their safety belts, even when an air bag SRS is provided.

Page 51 Controls and features Setting memory preset stations 1. Page 37 Controls and features Setting memory preset stations 1.

Typical operating range will allow you to be up to 10 meters 33 feet away from your vehicle.

Page Seating and safety restraints Press to raise or lower the front portion of the seat cushion. Page Starting Guarding against exhaust fumes Although odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide is present in exhaust fumes. Foglamp control if equipped Turn on the low-beam headlamps and press the foglamp control to activate the foglamps.


Ford Motor Company has not developed or mountqineer a T-hook or slingbelt towing procedure. Always set the parking brake fully and make sure that the gearshift is securely latched in P Park.

Page Roadside emergencies If the vehicle is towed by other means or incorrectly, vehicle damage may occur. Every time the vehicle is shut off and restarted, you must press the transmission control switch to cancel overdrive operation if driving in overdrive is not desired. Instrumentation Safety belt Momentarily illuminates when the ignition is turned to the ON position to remind you to fasten your safety belts.

Driving through deep water where the transmission is submerged may allow water into the transmission and cause internal transmission damage. Reset Press the reset control to reset the current feature being displayed. For information on owmers safety belt warning chime, refer to the Seating and safety restraints chapter.

Controls and features Reprogramming a single HomeLink button To program a device to HomeLink using a HomeLink button previously trained, follow these steps: This system meets all Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment standard requirements regulating the impulse electrical field strength of radio noise. Turn the jack handle clockwise until the tire is raised to its original position underneath the vehicle.

Page 41 to decrease minutes and to increase minutes. Refer to Air suspension system in the Driving chapter. Seek function in radio mode Press to find the next listenable station down the Press the bottom portion of the rocker switch to open.

1999 Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual (248 pages)

The ignition should be in the OFF position while the vehicle is being refueled. The hazard lights control is located on top of the steering column. Maintenance and care Checking and adding transfer case fluid 1. Page 14 Instrumentation Battery voltage gauge This gauge shows the battery voltage when the ignition is in the ON position.


Turned to the ON position, fuel pump shut-off switch has been, refer to Fuel pump kwners switch, fails to illuminate, continues flash. Driving Always set the parking brake fully and make sure the gearshift is securely latched in P Park. Mdrcury added customer comfort, when the temperature control knob is anywhere in between the full hot and full cold positions, the air distributed through the floor ducts will be slightly warmer than the air sent to the instrument panel registers.

Never remove the coolant reservoir cap while the engine is running or hot.

Mercury Mountaineer Automotive Repair Manuals

Roadside emergencies Connecting the jumper cables 1. Engine oil pressure gauge This shows the engine oil pressure in the system. Starting Make sure the parking brake is set. Refer to the Scheduled Maintenance Guide for the service interval schedules. Page Exhaust fumes To improve the fit of lap and shoulder belts on children who have outgrown child safety seats, Ford recommends use of a belt-positioning booster seat that is labelled as conforming to all Federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Page 53 to shift sound to the left and to shift sound to the right.

Do not reduce the tire pressures but shift to a lower gear and drive steadily through the terrain. Capacities and specifications Vehicle identification number The vehicle identification number is attached to a metal tag and is located on the driver side instrument panel.